Kate Spade Holiday Magic

Outfit Details
Kate Spade c/o| Necklace: Kate Spade c/o| Purse: Kate Spade c/o 
J.Crew Factory | Shoes: Louise Et Cie

Pop, fizz, clink! Nothing quite captures the beauty and magic of the Holidays like this dazzling outfit from Kate Spade! This time of year always reminds me of New York, the sparkling lights, the jazz inspired Christmas music and the wit and whim of the Holiday spirit fluttering about! When looking for a show stopping outfit to  rock around the Christmas tree in, I turn to Kate Spade, a brand which manages to capture all these lovely and quirky tones uniquely through each of their pieces! A classic fit and flair dress becomes a chic statement with this enchanting floral pattern. The look of an average necklace is elevated with the delicate design of flowers and elegant pearl details gently placed about. And your everyday bag is swapped for a playful piece, such as this sparkling caviar handbag which sparkles as much as the glistening lights!

I was lucky enough to have won a contest, which my friend Ashley (of the beautiful blog, The Modern Ladylike) was hosting with Rent-The-Runway! I was given the opportunity to rent a dress plus a back-up, purse, and a necklace of my choice! Never having tried Rent-The-Runway before, I was eager and excited to give it a go! Rent-The-Runway is a company which allows you to rent an outfit for 4 – 8 days for whatever event you have, from weddings or homecoming to a presentation at work (how cool is that?!), they offer so many style options the opportunities are endless!! I decided to take this magical opportunity and create a dazzling Kate Spade Holiday look with this stunning dress! I mean, can you blame me? Look at this beauty! Stunning! For 4 days I was able to trot around town, taking in the beginning of the Holiday season in one of the most fabulous outfits which, I believe,reflects my personality and style perfectly!With a classic and chic dress and necklace with a purse which has offers a little quirky charm, I could not find a look which screams my style more!

This look is fabulous for any fashionista out there who is looking for a show stopping outfit for an upcoming Holiday event! I have honestly never felt truly more radiant in my entire life than when I was wearing this magical Kate Spade outfit! The fit and flare dress was breathtaking, offering a lovely tailored fit at the top and a full beautiful skirt, giving me the opportunity to twirl around like a ballerina! The necklace took my breath away. Literally. It’s design was elegant and graceful, I could see Coco Chanel herself wearing it! And the handbag. Oh,the whimsical caviar purse! Sleek black with gold accents and a hint of glitter around it, this little charmer was one of the most fun things to carry around!The amount of whim and humor it brought to such a classic look was delightful!A lovely outfit with ladylike features and humorous details sprinkled about the essence of Kate Spade and this outfit truly reflects that!

Holiday parties, snow covered weddings, or even a magical date night under the Christmas lights is never complete without an enchanting outfit to match! Thanks to Rent-The-Runway, even a gal on a budget can afford to look like her most true and radiant self! I would like to thank Ashley (The Modern Ladylike) and Rent-The-Runway for giving me this magical opportunity to be able to express my true style and have some Holiday fun! I am truly blessed for this experience and cannot even fathom the words to how thankful I am for this! Thank you so much for letting me experience this magical Kate Spade moment!

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