It’s A Marshmallow World


You know when you make a cup of cocoa and you add a little dollop of marshmallow fluff on top and it is soft, sweet, and simply wonderful? Well, adding this cable knit sweater to your look is the equivalent of that marshmallow fluffy perfection! It’s comforting, warm, and soft like a blanket on a cold Winter night! It features delightful puffy sleeves to elevate the classic cable knit look without going over the top! Each moment wearing this piece is like a cozy Winter daydream! It’s shade is a perfect balance between  crème and white, not leaning too much on either end of the color spectrum, making it such a lovely color for the Holiday season! Not only is it thick and cozy but it also lays well against your torso offering a flattering look, unlike some cable knits which are too heavy and hang off you like a sack. Instead it floats upon your shoulders delicately like a soft snowflake!


My favorite feature of this sweater you may ask? Well the sleeves, of course! The look of this timeless Winter classic which simply never goes out of style is elevated which a hint of charm thanks to these puff sleeves! With an added playful and cheery vibe to the cable knit, this sweater is a must for whatever event you have on your agenda this Holiday season!  Warm family gatherings become instantly sweeter when you arrive wearing such a exquisite piece! You can stay cozy and warm while maintaining a chic look as you watch the holiday lights glisten! Become the cutest friend at the annual cookie baking party when you pop this fluffy piece of heaven on! Or even style this piece with a pair of joggers as you curl up with a good book and your puppy! Whichever you choose, make sure to grab this puffy marshmallow cable knit for comfort and style!

Are you in search of a sweater which is as soft as snow, offers a classic vibe, and also has a hint of playful charm with a puff sleeve? Then this sweater is for you! As snuggly and cozy as a blanket, it’s by far one of the best purchases I have made in such a long time! I honestly wear this sweater all the time because it’s so adorable and comfortable! I feel incredibly lovely each time I pop this little marshmallow happiness on! It pairs well with basically every pant and shoe I have and is so fun to dress up and down! Flats, heeled boots, skinny pants, skirts, fancy necklaces, pajama pants, you name it this sweater goes with it all!! Out of every top I own I probably have gotten my money’s worth out of this one a thousand times over and I’ve just purchased it! I cannot recommend it more! This piece is without a doubt one of the best sweaters I own and I cannot wait to wear it all around town this Holiday season!

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