A Cozy & Chic Transitional Piece For Fall

DSC_0969DSC_0979DSC_1018DSC_1035DSC_1070_editedWhen the little grey clouds start to gather, hiding the warm sunshine and bringing rain and cooler temps, a simple cardigan becomes my best friend! When the Summer days come to an end and transition into Fall, I can still find myself enjoying shorter sleeves when pairing them with this cozy piece! Simple, soft, and light, cardigans keep the chill of a breezy day off your shoulders without over heating you. This classic yet simple piece is one of my top wardrobe essentials for any season, especially if you live in the northern states during the Fall like I do! It seems like here in Michigan Fall will appear out of nowhere with it’s chilly weather! But there is no need to worry  when you have a cardigan ready to slip on at a moment’s notice! J.crew (including J.Crew Factory) is my favorite shop to purchase this wardrobe essential. The quality of the fabrics is incredible whether you are purchasing cotton or cashmere! Also the variety of colors is marvelous! You can choose from classic neutrals, such as black, grey or navy, or you can have fun add a hint of flair with colors, such as pink or yellow!

Whether it’s a bit of a chilly Summer night or crisp Fall day,  I still manage to look delicate and classically chic with this little piece upon my shoulders. When the Fall becomes present, I enjoy styling my cardigans in a clean and classic manner. Simply buttoning them to the top and pairing them with skinny jeans and simple flats. I adore pairing this natural oatmeal color with black pants for a bit of a warm Parisian vibe! I feel they mix well, like a warm cup of tea with a bit of honey! Chic and Audrey Hepburn like, I take in the Fall with style and class!


Not only do cardigans make me feel and look like Audrey Hepburn, but they are also quite snuggly! As I mentioned above, both  J.Crew and their factory have a lovely selection of cardigans which are made of magnificent quality, ranging from cotton to cashmere! They keep their shape, feel comfortable, and are flattering on any silhouette. I have purchased a few cardigans from other stores but they simply don’t hold their shape quite as nice as J.Crew’s do! My favorite style is the “Cotton Caryn cardiagn” from the factory. It’s affordable and I adore the fit. It hits right at the waist and is form fitting but not too tight, allowing you the ability to wear it as a top or pair it with a dress to keep warm during the cool Fall.

Cardigans give you the ability to wear your favorite sundress even after Fall has arrived or if you want to elevate your school style and look preppy and chic for a class presentation! This Audrey Hepburn approved piece is a must for any wardrobe. Comfortable, classic, and chic, your style will transition with grace into the next season! A day at the pumpkin patch can become instantly fabulous by simply popping on this little number!

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