A Classic & Parisian Fall Mood Board

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Fashion is by far one of my most favorite things in the entire world (but I think you already knew that ;))! It’s exciting, beautiful, and fun. I love how you can express yourself and share your personality through the way you style a dress or how you do your hair and makeup! I adore the Spring and Summer fashion season and the lovely warm hues and light airy fabrics it brings, but to tell the truth, I LOVE Fall the most! I feel like my true style can finally be unleashed during this season. The classic Parisian girl who loves to wear black, crème, and beige with cute ballet flats and red lipstick. The girl who adores reading Harper’s Bazaar, sipping hot tea, and doing her best to channel her inner Audrey Hepburn by wearing a little black dress. Trench coats, striped shirts, and skinny black pants is an average autumn look for a basic girl but to me, it’s my true style which I can embrace fully once the seasons allow. Luscious cashmere and tweed fabrics come into play once again, leaving my inner Chanel girl squealing with excitement! I once again break out my velvet hair bows which look divine swept up in my hair leaving me feeling truly beautiful! I opt for warm  bronze and shimmering pink hues in my makeup routine, giving me a delicate ballerina inspired look.  A lot of things I adore, such as Paris, Dior, Audrey Hepburn, etc., all obtain classic, chic and clean essences which reminds me of the Autumn, another reason why I believe I gravitate towards this time of year and it’s fashion. It’s so simple yet so elegant I can’t help but feel wonderstruck when it comes to Fall fashion!

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