A New Favorite Eyeliner

DSC_0412DSC_0414DSC_0416_editedDSC_0420A little cat eye is my go to for an everyday makeup look and I have Taylor Swift to thank for that inspiration! It’s chic, classic, and helps my eyes really pop!  Achieving this look has always been somewhat of a troubling task for me, even with the most precise liners I still would find myself struggling to get the “perfect wing”. After trying various brands and styles, I found a liquid liner with a precise tip works the best! While I have been enjoying using the Kat Von D “Tattoo Liner” and still believe it is one of the best liners out there, I  still enjoy trying new products and actually found another liner which is just a little bit better! Which liner is that you ask? Oh it’s, Stila’s “Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner”!

This liner glides on quickly and smoothly, making my beauty routine easy and enjoyable! The precise tip allows me to play with my look and create a cat eye as thin or thick as I desire. No matter if I choose to keep it simple or opt for a bold mod look, Stila’s “Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner” allows me to create an enchanting look! Plus, it truly does stay all day! When I wear this liner, I don’t experience any smudging or running, even when my allergies are acting up or if I am crying at a Taylor Swift concert (because how can you not cry when she sings “Long Live” on the piano?!) Offered in a wide variety of colors, I keep it classic and use “Jet Black”, for it really helps make my eyes POP! I am completly wonderstruck by this liner and how simple it is for me to embrace my inner Taylor Swift on a daily basis with a lovely cat eye!

Are you looking for a liner which stays all day, is waterproof, and allows you to create a fabulous smudge free look? One which fulfills all your wildest dreams? (ok I’m done with the little T.Swift references now!) Then I suggest heading to your local makeup shop and picking up Stila’s “Stay All Day Water Proof Liquid Liner”! It has become an instant favorite for me! I will always have this liner in my makeup bag, ready to go whenever I want that purrr-fect cat eye!

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