A Timeless Summer Accessory


Accessories are magical pieces which can help you take an everyday look and create something even more beautiful! Much like a bow on a perfectly wrapped gift, accessories help tie any look together and give it the final touch. Depending on which accessory you choose, you have the ability to completely change the entire look and vibe of an outfit. A delicate blouse or a simple dress can become classically chic with the addition of a silk scarf. Every classic icon from Audrey Hepburn to Grace Kelly have styled this beautiful piece and transcended it into the timeless accessory it is today. Light and airy, a little silk scarf softens any outfit and leaves a delicate feminine touch.

Wrapped up in your luscious locks or tied gently around your neck, a silk scarf give off such an elegant appearance you can’t help but to fall in love with it. A magical piece which pairs well with any outfit and its look only gets better with time is definitely an accessory worth investing in. From simple sundresses to a t-shirt and jeans, nothing quite complements a look more classically than a silk scarf. They are an elegant (and easy) way to add a pop of color and a hint of excitement to your outfit! The sense of joy and brightness they bring to is truly magical, making them on of my favorite pieces!


You can pick up a silk scarf at almost any shop, but my favorite designs usually come from Kate Spade and Gucci (If your wallet can afford it)! Kate Spade is always creating beautiful yet quirky designs for purses, jewelry, shoes, stationary and their scarves are no exception! Breathtaking floral patterns, honey bees buzzing about and even adorable tea party scenes grace their scarves leaving it hard to choose which to buy! I purchased this lovely pink and blue on sale at Nordstrom, which has a gorgeous garden scene featuring a delightful peacock! (Sadly it’s sold out. But here is one from this season which is similar!)  It’s cute and charming, making it the perfect match for a Summer day! It pairs well with almost anything in my closet, but my recent favorite way to wear this scarf is with a little yellow sundress! The scarf bounces off the yellow in such a breathtaking way, leaving me feeling my best!

If you are looking to add a little pop of joy to your Summer outfit then simply wrap a silk scarf around your neck, in your hair, or even tie it around your purse! No matter which pattern or color you choose, this chic and classic piece will add an element of grace to your every day look!

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Sign off for blog post

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