A Dress Made For The Summer


The warm Summer sun is shining ever so brightly, the flowers have bloomed and their colors are dancing delicately everywhere you look! It’s warm, happy, and welcoming outside, and life feels fresh and light for the first time in months. The lovely Spring season is changing to the hot Summer finally and the transition is simply sweet, like a fresh picked strawberry or a classic eyelet dress, which I always reach for during this time of the year. This little dress is airy, delicate, and light, helping you feel like your most beautiful self on days which consist of watering flowers and picking berries with your family. Through all the ever changing trends and styles, this classic piece is always in style for Summer!

An eyelet dress is one of my favorite looks for the Summer months! A dress which offers a soft and simple look and has the ability to be worn to almost any event life has in store for you is a winner in my eyes! Offered in various lengths, styles, and even colors, my go to for this classic is a white mini dress, because it gives you the option to have a lot of fun with the accessories.  The one I have is from Express last year and sadly is sold out but I love this one here and here! (This midi is also adorable!) The simple style allows you to play it up with a bright bold red lip to match a beautiful bouquet of roses or a fabulous pink handbag to coordinate with the lovely sunset! Or go a little more casual and pair it with yellow sneakers as bright as the sunshine! The combinations and pieces you can style a white eyelet dress with are simply endless, making it the most fun and versatile piece in your summer wardrobe.


 Dress: Express |Shoes: Keds | Wicker Tote

I always find myself styling my eyelet dress in a more casual manner with a pair of colorful Keds and a cute handbag. This look feels light and airy, allowing me to embrace my classic feminine style and still keep cool on a warm day! I keep my makeup more natural and light with this look also, mascara, light foundation, and a simple highlight to bounce of my sun kissed skin for a warm glow. When styling an eyelet dress, I always think of a daisy, it is simple, delicate, and light yet still lovely and beautiful, your look should mirror this, for an eyelet dress is much like a daisy in the fashion world. You don’t necessarily need heavy makeup or extravagant accessories to help make this dress beautiful, for it’s simplisticy  is beautiful enough. However, you may play up an eyelet dress with a red lip or a fabulous heel for a more special occasion!

With the days of casual picnics and fun barbecues ahead of us, an eyelet dress is definitely a piece every gal should have! A beautiful classic which can be worn casual or a little more dressed up is perfect for anyone.  A walk in the park with your little puppy or a simple trip to the farmers market will turn into a fabulous occasion by simply popping on your eyelet dress. If you are in search for a dress that is as sweet and classic as an ice cream sundae, then an eyelet dress is perfect for you!

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