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Hair as long, luscious, and beautiful as Ariel’s is something which I have desired ever since I saw “The Little Mermaid”, I mean who doesn’t daydream of her hair?! Free flowing, in both the ocean and on land, the girl has an incredibly gorgeous  head of hair, putting me on a quest to obtain this “mermaid hair” I desired. After receiving a sample of VERB “Sea” shampoo & conditioner, I realized my dreams of having lovely soft textured hair which bounces gently as I prance around my house was obtainable! After deciding to treat myself one day to the sample, I washed my hair and styled it as I usually would and I fell completely in love! Textured, soft, tangle free hair with a healthy shine is what I was left with, feeling as though I finally had the achieved perfect princess hair, no wait, the perfect mermaid hair!

Worried this magical new discovery would cost an arm and a leg (like most samples Sephora offers tend to do), I was relieved to find out these hair products were more affordable than what I had been previously using! Each product only cost $16 dollars for 12 oz., I was currently spending $27 on a 16 oz tub of Matrix’s “Biolage HydraSource” conditioning balm (a good product but my hair needed a change for the new Summer season). With VERB’s “Sea” products, my daydreams of having the highly desired “Mermaid Hair” and sticking to a budget have become a reality!

The “Sea” shampoo and conditioner are great if you have straight hair, like me, or even if you have beautiful waves! The shampoo will cleanse your hair and add  lovely texture to your locks, enhancing your natural waves for a beachy mermaid vibe. The conditioner helps detangle knots and gives your hair texture, leaving you with soft gorgeous hair you can’t help but to brush all day with a “dinglehopper” (or hairbrush if your into that sort of thing). Also both products are color safe, allowing you to safely wash your hair, even if it isn’t your “natural” color.

Another positive of VERB’s products is they are packed with wonderful ingredients, such as seaweed extract for cleansing and hydration and sea water to prevent breakage while restoring minerals to your hair! Not only are they made without harmful parabens and phthalates, but they’re also vegan! I always prefer purchasing cruelty free/ vegan beauty products because they tend to use more natural ingredients which are better for both you and the Earth plus they don’t harm any animals in the process! Also with the use of less chemicals, I notice vegan products work better to keep hair and skin looking their best!

If you are in the market for a new shampoo and conditioner to try or simply desire having mermaid hair for the Summer, I recommend VERB’s “Sea” products! Both products use natural ingredients to help nourish your hair and create a lovely textured look!

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