Style Icon | Julia Engel of “Gal Meets Glam”

01b9a6fa0b62ce4c8907da8a701b2a8475edff91762b2518fa5f0ff9018efe88I have a small handful of beautiful women who have inspired my style, such as Audrey Hepburn, Taylor Swift, Kate Middleton, etc.. Julia Engel, the owner of the lovely blog “Gal Meets Glam”, is amongst those women who have helped mold and shape my style into what it is today. Feminine, delicate, and girly are just a few words which come to mind when I think of Julia, words I hope people will also associate with me when they hear my name or think of my style. Lovely soft colored dresses and skirts are mainly what make up her wardrobe and, as an avid dress lover myself, I am honestly jealous of each and every one! Always paired with the cutest accessories, like wicker purses and ballet flats, Julia’s eye for fashion is on point and absolutely adorable! I daydream of wearing each of her lovely outfits, prancing around a cute quaint town in the south and enjoying a cup of tea and shopping for flowers! This daydream is becoming a small reality as Julia has recently released a collection of dresses! (Shop them here!) Each month new styles are available and I am completely in love with them all! She truly has a love for fashion, especially dresses, and that love shines through each and every one of her designs! These dresses are perfect for any occasion, from brunch with your girlfriends to an enchanting evening out with your love! Thanks to Julia and her blog I have gained tons of fashion inspiration, discovered wonderful beauty products, and have completely fallen in love with the south even more so than before! Not only has she influenced my style, but she also has inspired me to try to be the most delicate version of myself and helps keep me motivated to continue blogging about my passion and love for fashion. She is poised, kind hearted, and always has such enjoyable content on “Gal Meets Glam”, making me proud to have her name on the list of women who I look up to!82684d8ae4067638f05c17017bffbe59


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