Glowing Skin For Summer | Fashion Girl On A Budget


Now that Spring is here and Summer right around the corner, our Winter layers have been packed away (hopefully for a long while) and revealing skin which is in need of a little TLC. I’m not quite sure about you gals but the bitter weather we get here in Michigan dries my skin like a raisin in the sun. That luscious soft glow which I have all Summer gets stripped away in the dryness and I struggle to maintain somewhat decent skin. I really notice the damage the Winter has done to me once the sun actually brings light into my house, I pop on my fun Spring time tops and I can see myself for the first time in months. Being a girl on a budget I can’t really afford mani pedi’s, facials, or fancy scrubs to help shed away the Winter’s damage. Instead,  I hurry and grab my two affordable saving graces which help me reveal my velvety smooth skin once more!

My at home sugar scrub and NIVEA “Oil Infused Lotion” are my two life savers for getting back my beautiful smooth skin. Every other day I treat myself to a wonderful full body exfoliation in the shower with my easy DIY scrub (You only actually need to use it about one to three times a week depending on your skin). It’s easy to make, uses natural products, and it’s affordable! No need to shop those over priced scrubs which use harmful ingredients! A simple recipe of sugar, coconut oil, and an essential oil of  choice (I enjoy lavender or clary sage) is the ultimate life saver, for both you and your wallet.  Before getting out of the shower, I quickly use the scrub all over my body then rinse it off along with the horrid memories of the cold winter. Yikes! After a few uses I can already notice my skin feeling soft and looking radiant once more.

After I exfoliate, I love to moisturize (my body not my face) with NIVEA “Oil Infused Lotion”,  because it feels as though I am giving my skin a hydrating sip of water after a long dry day. NIVEA offers quite a few different lotions depending on your needs (skin firming, extended moisture, etc.) but their “Oil Infused Lotion” range is my favorite, especially the vanilla scent with almond oil! It’s  light scent blends well with the smell of the lavender scrub, leaving me not only with velvety skin, but a delicate and light fragrance! This lotion leaves skin feeling soft and smooth, restoring any damage the Winter has done to it. It has the perfect formula which gives your skin wonderful moisture all day long but doesn’t leave you feeling greasy like other lotions might. A small pump is all you need to have this product give you the most beautiful and radiant skin! Not only does this lotion leave my skin happy but also my wallet! Only costing around $6, this product has not only saved my skin but my beauty budget as well!

If you are a fashion loving girl who is trying to stick to a budget like me but need to help get back your glowing skin for Summer then give one or both of these products a try! You will not only save your skin but also your wallet, giving you the opportunity to purchase that cute dress and show off your new glowing skin!

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