The Most Comfortable Jeans


Jeans: Abercrombie & Fitch | Top: Abercrombie & Fitch (Old. Similar here, here, and here) | Shoes: Sam Edelman | Sunglasses: Coach

Jeans and comfortable are two words which I never thought I would use in the same sentence, until now. This Spring I wanted to add a lighter pair of pants to my wardrobe, changing it up from the rather  dark ones I often wear. Not wanting to purchase anything too “trendy” and to stick with my classic style,  I decided to look for a pair of white skinny jeans for they will never go out of style. Jeans and I have never been friends, I have always found them to be uncomfortable no matter where I bought them but I was determined to find a pair of white jeans to brighten and warm up my wardrobe.  I was tad bit nervous about this decision, believing I was setting myself up for disappointment, but was stunned when I tried on Abercrombie’s Simone fit super skinny jeans. From the length to the material, I instantly fell in love with these pants and took them home!

Abercrombie offers a wide variety of styles, fits, and colors for their jeans, so being a lover of high waisted, I went with the Simone fit. The 00 Regular (24W Regular, as it says online) is perfect in length for me, someone who is 5’5″, and the jeans rise hit comfortably right at the top of my waist. While the length worked perfectly I still I found myself taking in the waist a bit due to my petite figure. Besides getting the waist tailored (which is something I do to all my pants) the fit was absolutely perfect! My legs looked incredible, I could squat comfortably (the ultimate test to finding a good pair of pants) and I felt so happy in them it was no doubt I had found the next staple for my wardrobe!

There are a few words of wisdom from some of my style icons which are always in my head whilst shopping, especially Coco Chanel’s on how “luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it’s not luxury” . To me, buying a new pair of jeans is quite a luxury, so having them being comfortable is important. Abercrombie did a lovely job in this department with the wonderful quality of material they use for their jeans! They manage to hold their shape and not leave you itching to get out of your pants. The material is quite soft and has a good stretch to them, allowing me to move around with ease and be able to wear them for a long period of time without feeling uncomfortable! These pants feel so good, even on a typical “lounge wear” day I have decided to wear them instead. Abercrombie’s jeans truly make it easy to look fabulous without sacrificing style!

White skinny jeans are a true classic staple which can be styled all year long for any event. I chose a little more of a casual look with a flowy blue tank, velvet ballet flats, and a cute wicker handbag for this sunny day! Whether I choose to go casual with a pullover sweatshirt or get dressed up a bit more with a fun gingham blouse, these white jeans are always one of my favorite new go to pieces in my wardrobe! They are comfortable, form fitting, and look positively wonderful! They offer such a modern and chic look making them the perfect addition to any wardrobe!


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