A Peek Inside My Makeup Bag

DSC_0052DSC_0042_editedDSC_0048DSC_0043_editedEvery day women around the world, including myself, choose to make themselves up a bit and show the world a fresh and beautiful face! To achieve this particular beauty, every gal has a precious bag filled with little treasures which work magic to transform her dark circles into a radiant glow! Blush, foundation, highlighters, the products seem endless (and they are, trust me) but each girl, through many accounts of trial and error, find the ones which work for them and give them that perfect look which gives them endless confidence! I have tried and tested many products and tools in my time and today I am going to let you peak into my makeup bag at the items which I feel are worthy to keep!

To start, I will be showcasing my favorite magical little tools which apply these beauty favorites flawlessly! My eco tools brushes are hands down the most wonderful brushes I have used to apply my makeup, my particular favorite set is their defined eye kit, which I received a year ago and use all the time! Featuring five eye brushes, such as a large shadow and an angled crease brush, this set is all you need to apply shadow for any breathtaking look you desire! I also adore their “classic foundation”brush! It allows me to  apply the foundation evenly across my face with control giving me the perfect coverage, I am so in love with it! Their brushes are also extremely soft and fluffy (like a little bunny tail!) and pick up powdered products (highlighters, blushes, etc.) very well! These products are also vegan and made from recycled bamboo! Not only will do they help you look even more gorgeous than you already are, but you also will be helping keep the Earth looking gorgeous!

I am a huge fan of highlighters and my two favorites which I use all the time are NARS “Banc De Sable” palette (sold out. Similar here)and the Becca’s “Light Chaser”. Each shade of “Banc De Sable” offers such a beautiful natural radiant glow to my skin, I feel so light and delicate when wearing it. The shades are also perfect to use as eye shadow when I want a subtle yet noticeable color on my lids. The “Light Chaser” highlighter in the shade Champagne Dream” is a gorgeous rose gold shade, it’s natural but has just enough color for a fun and fairy like look. Each of these products pair well with another favorite of mine, the Too Faced “Papa Don’t Peach” blush, which I gush over all the time (I even wrote a review on it here!)! It’s light shade of peachy bronze with hints of pink blend well into your skin for a lovely color and complements my highlighters well! I have yet to find a blush with a better hue or one which smells sweet like peaches!

While I like dressing up my little cheekers and nose with blush and highlighters, some days I like to keep my face clean and play up my eyes. Anastasia Beverly Hills’ “Modern Renaissance” allows me to create endless beautiful looks which are totally princess worthy! The shades are pigmented, buttery and daydreamy! A few of my favorites are “Vermeer”, which offers a magical shimmer, and “Love Letter”, a rich matte pink perfect for an enchanting look! The Kat Von D “Tattoo Liner”glides over these delicate shades, and any other shadow, with ease, giving me the most enchanting eyes I could ask for! I have been using this liner for a while and can’t bring myself to try another because I adore it so much! (Read more about this liner here) I also love finishing any makeup look with a little mascara. The “Diorshow Pump ‘N’ Volume” and Too Faced “Better Than Sex” are the two best mascaras I have ever tried and I always make sure I have one of them in my makeup bag. They both offer volume, last all day, and are the perfect finishing touch to any look!

I adore Dior, especially when it comes to makeup! Their formulas are all long lasting, apply with ease, and feel incredible on no matter what products you are using, which is why I use them for my foundation and lip products! The“Diorskin Forever” perfect foundation gives such magnificent coverage and has the most natural matte finish, it makes it well worth the price. (Full review on this foundation here) I honestly don’t know how I went so long without this foundation, it makes my skin so velvety smooth and has actually made my skin look and feel better! Speaking of look and feeling better, I also noticed after using Dior’s lip products, such as the “Dior Addict” glossand stick, that my lips are more hydrated and plump! The long lasting formula Dior uses in these magical little lip products helps your lips look (and feel!) more beautiful and healthy than ever before! They are also pigmented to perfect and are really comfortable, which I love because I hate lip products which leave you with a sticky feeling on your mouth.

Dior, Eco Tools, and NARS, oh my! Quite a lot of products but honestly each one of them is magnificent in their own special way I adore them all! They all give me confidence and allow me to be creative and achieve whichever daydreamy look I desire. I have a weird sense of security with these products, knowing at any given moment they are there in my precious makeup bag ready for me to use them. I adore each of these products, would purchase them over and over again, and highly recommend them to anyone who was interested!  What about you darling? What products are in your treasure makeup bag?


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