Tea With Taylor No. 7 | Kate Spade, shopping, and puppy birthdays! Oh my!

First off, HAPPY MAY!!!!!!! I can’t believe it’s already May!!! Time is flying by! This week has been quite busy for me, from my first job interview (which went really well btw!) to celebrating my little yorkie’s first birthday! My mother and I also went for our monthly lunch and shopping day last Tuesday and I got to see the Gal Meets Glam dress collection in person! The dresses were gorgeous! And, while they didn’t have any in my size in the store, I did manage to snag one online! I am currently anxiously awaiting its arrival as I type this!!! We also made a quick stop in Kate Spade because when you’re at the mall you must stop! The store manager had just finished unpacking some of the new arrivals and allowed my mom and I to sneak a peek! From seeing the Gal Meets Glam collection to this, I was in heaven!!!

We also celebrated my Ella girl’s first birthday this past Sunday! It’s so hard to believe my little girl is already a year old! She is loves morning snuggles, destroying basically every toy (who would’ve though such a tiny puppy could be so wild?!), and she adores her peanut butter treats! ( Can’t blame her, peanut butter is amazing) She has brought my family and I so much joy, I am so blessed to call her my little puppy!

I am currently…

Watching: Master Chef Jr.! This show is so awesome and surprisingly intense! The kids are all extremely talented and incredibly creative when it comes to cooking/baking, putting my burned toast and eggs to shame. Watching each of them race to complete the perfect dish in an hour is so nerve wrecking, I actually find myself yelling at them through the T.V. to hustle like a guy yelling at his football team! Even though it gets me a little worked up (ok really worked up) I enjoy watching it with my family so much! We all get into it, even the ones who say they don’t care about watching it *cough* dad *cough*.

Reading: Ok ok ok, I actually haven’t read anything this week. I know I am ashamed but I am changing that this week and getting back into my reading! Until then I am going to recommend a book which I received for Christmas and have read about a million times because I LOVE it! It’s Meghan Hess’ “Coco Chanel: The Illustrated Life of a Fashion Icon” and, while it’s more of a coffee table book than an actual book, it is one of my favorites! Not only does Megan Hess show you the beautiful life of Coco Chanel through her gorgeous illustrations, but you also learn about Coco’s life! Each time I read this book and learn about how Chanel created such an iconic brand from the ground up, I gain so much inspiration to keep pursuing my dreams! If you are a fashion loving gal or simply looking for a fun read with lovely pictures, I recommend this little book!

Dancing: to “Stay Stay Stay” by Taylor Swift. I realize I am always dancing to TSwift, so I am challenging myself this week to find a new song to listen to which isn’t Taylor Swift, which is going to be a challenge but I will try. Until then, I am going to keep bopping to this jam because I recently rediscovered it and  it’s one of the cutest songs Taylor has written! If you need a little mood booster, pop this song on a few times and bounce around!

Wishing: for a really good thunderstorm. We had a little rain this past Friday but nothing too major. I want a warm day where, in the morning, I can see the dark clouds rolling in from off in the distance and the faint sound of thunder approaching. Then around lunch time, have the rain start and a nice thunderstorm pour down for a few hours. I am longing for the smell of the rain and the rumbles of thunder. I do believe later in the week there is a chance for a storm so fingers crossed!!!

Loving: All the new Kate Spade arrivals! No one does Spring/Summer better than Kate Spade! They always have me daydreaming about cute new purses, such as this adorable picnic basket, to add to my wardrobe! I also love these three purses from the “Cameron Street” collection which were just released this past Monday! The “Pippa“, “Hayden“, and “Daisy Garden Clarise” are all so lovely, ecspecially in the new shade “Pink Lemonade” (how cute is that name?!) ! I wonder if any will be joining my collection? (Um hey mom??? Do you see how pretty!?) I also love the “Dee Dot Bev” dress! Perfect for a fancy Sunday brunch, don’t you think?

How about you, darlings? What’s been going on in your week? Are you currently dancing around your room to Taylor Swift while daydreaming of thunderstorms and the new Kate Spade arrivals? Or are you planning on watching Master Chef Jr. to feel the thrill of watching 8-12 year olds cook incredible dishes which, no matter how hard you try, you wouldn’t be able to make?



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