A Little Bit Of Pixie Dust

One of my favorite products I use frequently in my makeup routine is a highlighter. It helps draw a subtle attention to your beautiful face while enhancing your natural look! Every time I apply a highlighter to my look, the shimmering powder upon my cheek bones and the bridge of my nose feels as if I have a hint of pixie dust kissing my face! When the light hits my face just right after applying, it gives me a delicate and magical glow, making me feel confident and radiant as Tinker Bell herself! Simply adding a highlighter into your makeup routine can help elevate your average look to one with a magical twist!

Recently I have been applying the Becca  ‘Light Chaser Highlighter‘ in the shade “Champagne Dream”! With a lovely peachy hue which has a glimmer of rose gold sprinkled throughout, it gives you a  peachy pink radiant glow while maintaining a natural look! The ‘Light Chaser Highlighter’ has a smooth, creamy texture which blends into your skin well for a natural glow. Some highlighters I have tried in the past are cakey and have glitter chunks in them, making you look as if a child was experimenting arts and crafts on your face. But the Becca highlighter glides onto your skin and truly highlights your features!  This product also doubles as an eye shadow, just simply sweep it across your lids for simple yet beautiful eyes.  With each wear, this highlighter makes me feel radiant and magical like a little fairy and proving a little bit of extra “pixie dust” is all it takes to create a mesmerizing makeup look!


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