Tea With Taylor No.5

For this “Tea With Taylor” I am sharing with you what I have been currently been enjoying/ watching/ reading/etc. for this week! Lots of stuff has been happening and I thought it would be fun to sit down and share with all of you my happening the past few days! I have been busy busy busy with appointments all week but still had time to have some fun! Friday night I attended a Celtic Woman concert at The Fox Theater in Detroit with my parents! My dad and I love watching them on T.V. every year on Christmas Eve together and to be able to see them perform live was exciting!

We also had an ice storm go through this week end (yes, an ice storm in the middle of April… Thank you Michigan) so I decided to snuggle down and spend the weekend with my little yorkie, Ella. While the ice beat against the window, blankets, tea, and binge watching “Sex and the City” kept us warm and cozy! Hoping the next storm we get is a thunderstorm instead!! As for the rest of the week…


I am currently…

Watching: New York Housewives!! I don’t typically watch a lot of television but I will watch “The Real Housewives of New York”. It is totally one of my guilty pleasures and I absolutely LOVE it! This season just started and I have been enjoying it so much! It’s simple mindless fun for my mom and I to watch and I am so excited for this season!

Reading: ” Mary Poppins Comes Back”. I received four of the “Mary Poppins” books for Easter in a lovely collector’s edition and have already finished the first book and moved onto the second!  While these may technically be children’s books, I have been enjoying them and the magical adventures Mary Poppins has been taking the Banks children on! These books are full of joy and magic and are perfect for anyone at any age to enjoy!

Dancing: to Taylor Swift’s Spotify Singles. These singles are so beautiful and honestly have had them on repeat since they were released! Taylor is truly a beautiful singer and I adore any acoustic song she records! The delicate vibes which each of these songs offer has been perfect for these past few days with this icy and grey weather Michigan has been giving us. I have simply been curling up with a cup of tea and drifting away to the beautiful sound of TSwift!

Wishing: for warmer weather! I am desperate to wear my Spring wardrobe without freezing! Even though we literally just had an ice storm go through this weekend, I am still hopeful there is sunshine in the near future! I mean it’s the middle of April after all, there is bound to be some sunny days ahead! Right?

Loving: all the beautiful bridal collections from New York! Nothing says Spring like New York Bridal Fashion Week! My favorite collection was Carolina Herrera’s. The collection was typical Carolina Herrera with beautiful clean and simple designs featuring gorgeous little elements, such as embroidered flowers and delicate colorful ribbons, helping to elevate the looks without  going over the top.

What are you watching, reading, or dancing to this week? Comment below and share with me your weekly happenings!


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