Parisian Cat Eyes

4_editedThe modern French girl always has a few go to beauty staples up her sleeve to make her “undone” look complete. Adding a hint of red lipstick to a natural look for a little dramatic flair or featuring her eyes with a little winged liner, she always focuses on one area to enhance to create her own unique yet timeless look. My personal favorite of these French girl looks is, of course, the classic cat eye. Perfectly pointed tips flared out at the corner of your eyes to create the illusion of fuller lashes and bigger eyes is a look I attempt nearly every day. If done right, you will feature your eyes in a dramatic way while  remaining naturally and effortlessly  beautiful, like a true French girl. Achieving this look may seem quite hard, but if you use the right liner it will make this daunting task a walk in the park.

When I want to add a little Parisian flair and go with a chic cat eye, I always use Kat Von D’s “Tattoo Liner”. This liquid liner is waterproof and doesn’t crack or fade, is highly pigmented, and it’s felt tip glides beautifully across your lash line, allowing you to create the perfect Parisian cat eyes with ease. I have tried a few liquid liners in the past and have found the “Tattoo Liner” has the most flexible brush and it doesn’t fray, a common bother with other brands brushes. It’s superfine tip allows you to get creative and make the look as subtle or dramatic as you please. Lightly drag the brush across your eyes to create your base then simply fill in till you have your desired look. (Pro tip: lightly wipe the brush every so often on a damp towel to clean off any built up eye shadow or foundation, this will help the liner not dry out and glide with ease.)

The next time you want to add a little piece of French girl style to your makeup look, grab the Kat Von D “Tattoo Liner” and give yourself some Parisian cat eyes. This dramatic look will not only capture the attention of everyone around you, leaving them full of curiosity of how someone can be so beautiful, but will also display your eyes in an utterly chic yet classy way.sign-off-for-blog-post

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