Why I Get My Clothes Tailored (And You Should Too)

J.Crew pants tailored by The Sewing Room

Tailoring your clothes nowadays seems almost unheard of for some reason. People have this misconception it’s “too expensive” or a “waste of time” but I see it as one of the best things you can have done to your clothes! Stores don’t personally make pieces to fit your unique body, they make them to “fit” everybody type, which is good for sales but not for the customer who wants a pair of pants which fit them right. Take it from me, I enjoy a well fitted pair of pants but, with having a regular length legs and a  petite waist and basically no ankles, finding  a pair which give me that well fitted look is impossible. Instead of settling and wearing a pair which fit me all wrong and make me feel uncomfortable, I head to my trusty seamstress!

Ted Baker dress tailored by The Sewing Room

The Perfect Fit

When you get your clothes tailored you truly get the perfect fit! The one which flatters your unique and beautiful body. The fit which enhances all your perfections and makes you look and feel your best. I always use to hate pants and dresses. Pants would fit me good in the legs but the waist would be HUGE, leading me to wear a belt which I HATED. The waist would be bunched up due to the belt pulling all the fabric to “fit” me and I would feel uncomfortable and my outfit would look awkward. Once I started tailoring pants to me, I suddenly loved pants and how I looked in them! The same with dresses, no longer did they hang on me but rather fit my body perfectly, making me feel like a confident princess!

Appreciate Your Pieces

Once I got a few pieces tailored, I started to appreciate and love them more, because they actually made me feel good and I enjoyed wearing them! It’s not that I didn’t like the pieces before, I obviously liked them enough to buy them, but once they had the perfect fit I simply re-fell in love with them but even more! I now had a piece of clothing which I thought was beautiful and was tailored to me!

They Last Longer

Once you get the perfect fit and learn to love and appreciate your clothes, they actually last longer. I’m not saying getting your clothes tailored means they will last an eternity, all things wear or get stretched out eventually, but you find yourself no longer needing to purge your closet each season of key pieces, like pants and blouses, because you have a pair which you love and enjoy wearing plus fit great on you! You don’t buy a piece every season because you need to replace the old ill fitting one. You tend to hang on to pieces longer because they simply look good on you and give you tons of self confidence!

J.Crew pants tailored by The Sewing Room

 More Comfortable

Finally, one of the main reasons why I enjoy getting my clothes tailored is they feel more comfortable.  Coco Chanel once said, “Fashion has two purposes: comfort and love. Beauty comes when fashion succeeds”. If you are wearing an ill fitting piece you won’t feel comfortable, both in your clothing or confidence. Having that comfortable fit will give you, not only a fashionable looking piece you never want to take off because it feels so good, but also the ability to let your confidence and beauty shine. I feel truly at my best when I am in an outfit which is not only my style but I love to wear and is comfortable, which is the purpose of fashion, is it not?.

I found a lovely local seamstress, The Sewing Room in Utica, Michigan, and absolutely adore the work they do! Each time I go in there they make me feel important and take their time! The work they have done to my clothes is incredible, each piece is professionally done and fits perfectly! They are well priced, making it affordable for the average gal like me to have my clothes professionally done and they offer such a wonderful atmosphere it makes it all that much better. I have yet to have a piece done by them which I wasn’t satisfied with. I recommend finding a local seamstress you are comfortable with and getting your clothes tailored to you. Once you start you will notice a huge difference and fall in love with your clothes all over like I did!



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