Tea With Taylor No.4| My Everyday Makeup


For today’s “Tea With Taylor” I am giving you the inside scoop on my everyday makeup routine! Most days I am usually at home writing, reading, cleaning, and simply living life but I still enjoy putting on a bit of makeup to make myself look a little presentable, even if my little yorkie Ella is the only one seeing me that day. I don’t usually go full out on these days, I enjoy keeping my look simple so it’s easy to clean my face at the end of the day. After showering and washing my face, I start with a little bit of the Too Faced “Hangover Replenishing” primer to prepare my skin. This product gives a nice cool moisturization and really makes my makeup stay in place and last all day. Next, I apply my foundation, I recently switched to the “Diorskin Forever” foundation which gives me a light natural coverage with a glowing matte finish, the perfect look for a relaxing day at home. Once my base is applied, I enjoy adding a hint of color to my face with the “Papa Don’t Peach Blush” to make myself look bright and lively! Finally, I add a thin line of Kat Von D’s “Tattoo Liner” to my upper lash line and apply the Diorshow “Pump ‘N’ Volume” mascara to make my eyes pop a little. Most days I spend at home I usually don’t apply a lip color but rather stick with a natural chap stick to keep my lips hydrated. My favorite brand to use is  Grove Collaborative because they use natural organic ingredients plus my lips feel AMAZING after using it!

And ta-da! My makeup is finished and I am ready to enjoy my day! Nothing too intense but rather my favorite makeup products which give me a simple yet complete look! What does your “everyday makeup” look consist of? Do you go full out or do you keep it a little more simple like I do?


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