Blushing All The Way Home


DSC_0254Have you ever worn a blush which simply made you feel, well, wonderstruck? One which gives your cheeks the perfect kiss of color? One you would choose to wear to the most enchanting party ever? I have and I simply cannot live without this darling blush. Peachy perfection giving my face a delicate warm hue and leaving me with an enchanting yet natural look, Too Face’s “Papa Don’t Peach” blush has me “blushing all the way home”, to quote Taylor Swift. A good blush should offer a fresh hint of color, not over power your face, and add a sprinkle of shimmer, and this product does just that. With a peachy bronze hue giving me a sun kissed glowed, this blush has been a staple in my everyday routine.

Too Faced has created one of the most loveliest blushes, which not only gives you a warm and youthful glow, but also smells as sweet as a peach! (One of my favorite things about Too Face’s products is their unique creativity, such as peach scent makeup!) This blush is a little sheer but also pigmented enough  for a more natural look, but it’s also quite build-able if you do happen to want a more vibrant look. I adore the hints of pink which glow when the sun hits your cheeks, complementing the peachy-bronze hue of the blush quite delicately. But the real reason why this rich and glowing blush is my favorite is because it last so long! I bought this blush at the beginning of July, worn it every single day, and at the end of February  just started running out! This $30 blush has been well worth the money and Too Faced has once again left me pleased with one of their magnificent products!



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