Pop Of Purple: A Little Piece Of The Everyday French Girl’s Style

DSC_0078DSC_0119_editedDSC_0084DSC_0111_editedThe everyday French girl’s style typically consists of structured coats, the all occasion blouse, and comfortable shoes, such as ballet flats, to create a  casual yet put together look. Effortless elegance, chic neutrals, and timeless pieces all play a role in the making of this enduring style which women, including myself, all try to recreate. My recent favorite feature of the iconic “French Girl” style which I’ve been incorporating into my daily look is the beret,  for it gives a rather sophisticated appearance a hint of playfulness. It is also a lifesaver on days when your hair is fighting against and you need to head out to get the latest vogue without looking drab.

 I recently bought this chic beret from Urban Outfitters in a daydreamy shade of lavender to give my look a pop of color. On a grey and snowy day, adding this little beret to my tailored look offers warmth and happiness in no time at all! The luscious purple is the perfect POP against the white snow! Urban Outfitters offers this chic accessory in many different shades, including black, ivory, blush, and, the Parisian classic, red. It is a wonderful quality of wool which is perfect for a cooler day but also light enough to wear even on a warm and sunny Spring day! With each time I wear this lovely beret, it fulfills my inner French girl’s daydream of having an effortlessly chic outfit while I wonder around the market, even if the “market” is a Kroger in Michigan.

Looking to add a little piece of the everyday “French Girl” style to your daily look, opt for the classic beret. Whether you choose to go with a classic color, such as black, or jump into Spring with a lovely pop of purple like I did, you are sure to adore the bright and playful mood this adorable accessory brings. Simply pop on a little beret before brunch with your gals for a chic and fun Parisian look!



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