Spring Trends To Invest In

Spring is just around the corner! Literally it’s a few days away and with every new season there are always new fashion trends. From textures to patterns to colors, each season has new styles to freshen up your wardrobe, but how do you know which ones you should invest in? The trends you need to watch out for are ones which come in extremely quick and pop up everywhere, such as velvet this past season. These trends swoop in fast, appear in every magazine’s street style sections and every girl on instagram and, as quick as last month’s Vogue is off the shelf, so is the trend. Other trends, such as blush and floral prints, are ones which actually last more than one or two season and  complement a classic wardrobe, making them worth investing in.  I have been keeping my eye out on the latest trends which have been popping up on the runways lately as to which ones are worth investing in this coming season. Ones which I will be spending my money on and styling in the Spring and early Summer.


Photo: Pinterest

Lavender & Blush Tones

Of course blush is coming back this Spring, it never actually stopped trending as it was a huge hit even during the Winter months, but the new addition to the Spring color palette is Lavender. Blush’s best friend has officially joined the team  of trending colors and I am so excited! A soft and delicate hue which adds an elegant pop of color to any classic look is one I definitely will be wearing often. Work lavender into your wardrobe with simple additions, such as berets or a soft sweater. You can even add a hint of this lovely shade to your makeup routine with a gorgeous nail polish for a little extra pop. I will be adding both blush and lavender into my style’s color palette for a fresh and blooming glow, just like the flowers blooming and greeting us with their lovely hues of happiness!



Photo: Gal Meets Glam

Bows seem to be popping up left and right on the runway lately, from Viktor & Rolf to Elie Saab. This classic little detail elevates the femininity of any outfit in an elegant yet simple way, allowing you to unleash your inner princess. You can add this chic detail to any outfit in almost anyway, from a simple bow tied around your waist to a ribbon in your hair or even featured on your handbag. This Kate Spade classic is such a fun way to give your classic wardrobe a bit of a fresh flair in the new season! I always adore this little accessory and will for sure be sporting it as often as I can!



Photo: Pinterest

Floral Prints

Yes, florals for spring, groundbreaking! Swapping out your metallic midi skirts for elegant ones with a light and beautiful floral print is always a trend worth investing in, especially in the Spring! Stick to simple patterns featuring lovely colors, like ivory and blush, to get the most wear out of them. Avoid those chaotic grandma printed ones, for they tend to look like old table cloths.  Find fun ways to add  hint of blooms to your outfit  with these adorable Keds for a casual yet feminine style!



Out of all the insane trends popping up left and right, these are the top ones I am looking to invest in this Spring season. They are flattering and complement a classic wardrobe in a chic and elegant way. They will liven up any look while keeping my style sweet and feminine. These” trends” are special and never seem to fade away, people tend to let their love for them fade then rediscover it every so often and decide to give these chic styles love once more. Bows and floral will always be a trend worth investing in, especially this season!


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