My Signature Fragrances

DSC_0075DSC_0076DSC_0073When it comes to perfume everyone has their own signature scent. For me, I enjoy light, fresh fruity scents which have an elegant mixture of floral to remain youthful and delicate. When looking for a perfume I search for a scent which I would spritz before heading to a cafe in Paris for a Sunday brunch with myself and a journal, the sound of conversations of nearby strangers keeping me company as I enjoy my croissant and write.  One which will remind me of warm Spring days with the sun glistening ever so delicately and flowers blooming  after a long Winter’s rest to greet us with their bright colors. A scent which instantly transports me into a Parisian fairy tale and makes me feel as elegant and timeless as Coco Chanel.

To find the perfect scent for yourself, simply search for one which makes your heart flutter like a school girl seeing her crush. One which does not age you, but rather makes the stranger you are talking to wonder how such wisdom can be found in such a young woman. Finding your signature scent may take some time, years even, to quote famous Hermes perfumer, Jean-Claude Ellena,  “No rush, take the time, because  good perfume is like a love affair. It’s not good to rush a love affair”.  Don’t fall into advertising either, just because you like the bottle it’s sold in doesn’t mean the scent is for you. Allow yourself the time to find the perfume which make you feel truly beautiful and confident.  Over the past couple of years I have found new perfumes and changed my “signature” scent, I once was a young girl who would wear ‘Wonderstruck’ by Taylor Swift but, as I’ve matured a bit more, I have grown into more elegant fragrances, such as Dior’s ‘Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming’ and ‘Coco Mademoiselle’ by Chanel. These fragrances each manage to take me on a delicate Parisian daydream each time I smell them. I feel as though I am preparing for a day at Paris Fashion Week when I sprits them upon myself, making them my favorite scents.

Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming

Delicate yet playful, the Miss Dior “Absolutely Blooming” instantly transports you to a Spring day in Paris. The scent of red berries and the light aroma of roses and peonies at the heart of the fragrance  remind you of the Saturday mornings where you head down to your local cafe for an espresso before heading to the market for fresh flowers and the newest issue of Vogue. This light and colorful scent is perfect for any girl who has a playful soul and dreams of being a Parisian princess, even on her days off.

Coco Mademoiselle

Coco Mademoiselle is the essence of young Coco, vibrant, daring, all while being classically chic. This dazzling fragrance manages to gasp both the modern and classic elements of a young woman. The scent of fresh oranges instants sweeps you away but not long before you are captured by the sweet fragrance of Jasmine and May Rose. This perfume is the perfect finishing touch for a French girl before heading out for drinks with her friends.  A trench coat tossed over a tailored look, a casually “undone” hair style, and a hint of Coco Mademoiselle, and she is off with adventure and fun just waiting around the corner for her. And maybe her next heartbreak, who knows, either way she will be ready.


This magical scent has left me feeling enchanted and, well, wonderstruck, for years now. The sweet scent of raspberries and green tea instantly captivates you like a firework show. The heart of the fragrance, which features vanilla and honeysuckle, instantly transport you into a magical fairy land of glitter and happiness. Finally, you are whisked away by the delicate smooth scent of amber, making this truly one of the most magical fragrances in the world. Each sprits feels as though you are spraying pixie dust upon yourself. Sadly, I can no longer find this bottle of pure heaven, for I believe it has been discontinued, but the shimmering memories it has left me with will last a lifetime.

Each of these perfumes fill me with joy and happiness, making them my absolute favorites.  Dior, Chanel, and Ms. Swift have all managed to capture the essence of my favorite daydreams and wrap them up in tiny little bottles to enjoy for years to come. I still test out other perfumes every now and then when I am feeling adventures, but these three are my “signature” scents. They a light and airy with sweet scents which tickle your nose. Christian Dior once said, “Perfume is a mark of female identity and the final touch of her style.”  and each of these fragrances represent a soft, young, modern women like me in a classic and timeless way, which I adore.


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