5 Essentials For A Classic Wardrobe


Outfit Details: Jacket: Banana Republic / Sweater: Banana Republic (Old. Similar here) / Pants: J.Crew / Purse: Kate Spade / Shoes: Louise Et Cie

A classic, Parisian, chic wardrobe filled with perfectly tailored pieces which are as timeless as Audrey Hepburn is something I adore. A classic ladylike style which you will see the modern day French women dressed up in on her Saturday morning walk to the market for fresh bread and flowers is the easiest style to mirror. It’s casual and cool but also feminine and delicate, making it a style you can sport in any season for any occasion, such as enjoying brunch on a lovely Spring day surrounded by fresh flowers to Winter when you’re bundled up in your favorite scarf rushing through the streets to get a cozy cup of coffee. With these five staples, you will be able to obtain the classic and versatile wardrobe in no time.

Well Fitted Top

A top which is fitted perfectly to your body is a must for a classic wardrobe. In a neutral shade, such as black, crème, navy, or even a blush pink, this piece will be the main layer of your entire look. It shouldn’t fit too tight but also shouldn’t be too baggy, it should show your figure off in a proper and classy manner, following what Marilyn Monroe once said, “Your clothes should be tight enough to show you’re a woman but loose enough to show you’re a lady”. My favorite top for achieving this Parisian look is Banana Republic’s Merino Wool Sweater. It is perfectly fitted, the quality is wonderful, plus it’s extremely comfortable, which is another element of having a classic wardrobe. This sweater is light enough to be worn on warm Spring days, but can also keep you warm on a bitter cold Winter night layered up with a cozy scarf and lovely coat.

Tailored Pants

Thanks to Coco Chanel who took the biggest risk in fashion and borrowed from the boys, having a comfortable pair of well tailored pants is a major staple for a classic wardrobe. A pair of perfectly fitted and  comfortable pants will become your go to with any outfit.  In the cooler months, create a classic silhouette with a pair of black pants, a crème top, and a lovely pair of ballet flats. For warmer spring days, opt a pair of cropped white trousers and a stripped top for a perfectly Parisian chic look. Either style you choose, make sure they are fitted to show off your lovely figure in an elegant way. And don’t be afraid to take your favorite pair of pants to the tailor to be fitted perfectly to you. Try to avoid pants which are skin tight or extremely baggy, for they are unflattering on almost any woman.

Timeless Trench

On days when there is a bit of a chill in the air or you simply feel like being a bit mysterious, layer your outfit with a chic and timeless trench coat. This beige beauty, which even Ms. Audrey Hepburn has loved, will remain a staple in your closet for years to come, so make sure you invest in a good quality coat. While Burberry is known for their trench coats, their prices can be quite high, so I recommend Banana Republic’s trench, it’s affordable, the quality is wonderful, and it’s available in both regular and petite sizes! It’s fit is tailored beautifully to give you a lovely, classic silhouette. The brown buttons pop right off the warm beige, making  the perfect layer to any outfit you may have. The next time you are sitting outside your favorite cafe, sipping on espresso, pop your trench over your chic look for the perfect classic look to keep you cozy.

Simple Mary Jane

Mary Janes, the shoe which has been a staple in most women’s closets since they were little girls is the ultimate timeless piece in any wardrobe. This chic little shoe with its iconic strap is the most feminine and versatile heel out there. You can style this classic piece with basically any outfit, from your little black dress to your skinny jeans, these shoes are always a must. They add a hint of innocents to your look while helping you remain your put together self. They’re perfect in the Winter for holiday parties when styled with a pair of tights or in Spring with your favorite vintage swingy skirt and arm full of flowers. They keep your look simple yet classic with each step you take.

Chic Handbag

The final piece for a classic wardrobe which every gal needs a chic handbag , one they can wear with any outfit for years to come. Here’s the lovely part, this piece is different for each women, since we all have different styles and personalities, but the confidence and love we feel when it’s upon our arm is the same. The perfect handbag for a classic wardrobe is one which feels like your super hero shield. One to which you can store everything you need to conquer your day with grace and elegance, all the while looking beautiful. My go-to handbag has been my Kate Spade “Cedar Street Maise”, for each time I wear it I feel as if the world is my own and I can accomplish anything. It pops off each outfit I wear and receives more complements than any other piece in my wardrobe, plus it has a special place in my heart being it my first ever Kate Spade. Find a handbag which speaks to you and wear it for years to come with your lovely classic wardrobe.

Obtaining a classic wardrobe is rather easy, especially if one knows where to shop for the best quality pieces at affordable. I recommend stopping by your local J.Crew, Banana Republic, or Zara, they always have such classic pieces for a price you simply cannot pass up. Before you know it you will be dressed effortlessly timeless in your classic wardrobe ready for whatever occasion may arise. A day wondering around the museum or cocktails with your gals, you will always have the perfect outfit waiting in your closet for years to come.


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