Ditching My Skincare Routine

DSC_0043DSC_0049DSC_0046DSC_0054If you have been following along here on “Sincerely, Taylor” you will know skincare is one of my favorite things. I love trying new products, keep up with an AM and PM routine daily, and I’m always constantly encouraging others to do the same. But this year I am ditching my skincare routine and getting back to the basics. Between the stresses from life and this horrid dry Michigan weather, my skin recently lost it’s beautiful glow it once had. To make matters worse I kept adding on all these toners, serums, and moisturizers, morning and night, then during the day I would force my skin to cover up with makeup, never truly giving it the break it deserved.  Until now. I decided to take the new year to hit the restart button on my skincare routine, keeping it simple and just focusing on two products.

DSC_0051I decided to keep my Pixi Glow Mud Cleanser and Aveeno moisturizer, everything else has been put aside in my cabinet for the time being.  I started the year off with clogged pores, multiple breakouts, and a dull and sad complexion, which is rare for me. I usually am proud of how clear and radiant I look. But using too many products without a break has changed this. My routine now is  simply washing my face with warm water, cleansing, then I pat my face dry and apply my moisturizer. A short and sweet routine. The first few days I felt rather odd not applying so many products, I even found myself with more time on my hands in the morning to enjoy my cup of tea. And soon my skin started to clear up and felt like it could breathe again.

The Pixi Glow Mud Cleanser gently and deeply exfoliates your skin to perfection. With soothing ingredients, such as aloe and chamomile, your skin feels refreshed and radiant after each wash. It does seem quite silly something as dirty as mud can help clear your skin so beautifully, but trust me it works! A simple little dab on the tip of your fingers is all you need to reveal this products wonderful magic, making it last a while! My once clogged up pores are now clean and clear, revealing my truly bright complexion once again. After, I apply a drop of Aveeno’s Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer with SPF 30 to rehydrate my skin and to add protection from the sun. I have been using this moisturizer on and off for years and always find myself coming back to it because it is simply the best! Light and oil free, it leaves skin silky smooth and glowing, plus I can pick it up right at the grocery store! Easy for a busy girl who doesn’t always have time to make a Sephora trip for a fancy product.

DSC_0050I also started exfoliating my skin with a homemade sugar  scrub which uses natural ingredients three times a week again (you can find my recipe for this delightful exfoliater here).  Due to a busy schedule and too many skincare products in my routine, this important little gem seems to have gotten lost in the mix until recently. It has helped rehydrate my skin get rid of those dead skin cells to reveal my glowing complexion once again! With either lavender or clary sage oils to help reduce skin problems such as acne and redness, this sugar scrub is a life saver!

Sometimes you need to take a step back, keep it simple, and go back to the basics to achieve what you’re going for, even with skincare. My skin clearly was shouting at me to give it a break, and, when I finally listened, everything became clear and radiant once again. Taking this small break from a big skincare routine has been a refreshing experience and I am going to stick with it for a while. Slowly I will add back in a toner and serum when I feel it’s needed but for now I am going to keep it simple.sign-off-for-blog-post

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