Valentine Kisses With Dior

DSC_0182DSC_0191DSC_0180DSC_0188DSC_0189Valentine’s Day is the most romantic and sweetest day of the entire year no matter what your relationship status may be. Even if you are celebrating it as a single gal like me, the day is filled with such a soft and delicate romance you can’t help but to get caught up in it even a little bit. Lovely shades of pink and striking streaks of red are the obvious color palette for this holiday for they display the essence of true love perfectly. Pink being the delicate and warmth of having someone to share lovely memories with for the years to come (even if that someone is your puppy) and vibrant red to display the rush of excitement and passion. The Dior Addict Ultra Gloss in  “UltraDior” is the perfect shade of hot pink with red undertones to add to your Valentines look to represent both of these thrilling emotions and colors of love.

This romantic sheer gloss glides upon your lips like a true Dior daydream, leaving them plump and shimmery, making them appear luminous and desirable. Dior’s  fantastic formula, not only makes your lips appear perfectly plump, but also keeps them hydrated all day long. After applying the Dior’s Ultra Gloss, your lips will be well hydrated and softer than ever, making them Valentine’s Day ready. The gloss also has a wonderful mirror shine, which creates the most lovely glossy effect, making your lips look simply spectacular. You will be truly irresistible this Valentines when wearing your Dior Ultra Gloss, trust me my puppy can’t seem to stop giving me kisses when I am wearing it!

Offered in many desirable colors, “UltraDior” is the perfect shade  for any Valentine’s Day plans you have. With its shimmery hot pink hue, your romantic daydreamy look will be complete whether you are headed out for a romantic dinner with your love or are watching “Sex & The City” re-runs with your friends. This color is perfect if you are either the classic red roses and box of chocolates kind of gal or prefer peonies and delicious macaroons like me. If you are in search of the perfect gloss for your Valentine’s Day, then I suggest picking up the Dior Addict Ultra Gloss to make your look truly mesmerizing and irresistible.sign-off-for-blog-post

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