Tea With Taylor No. 2: A Blissful February

blissful february .jpgWe are already closing the first chapter of the year and moving onto the next, and one of my favorites, February! Oh February how lovely you are, filled with love and delicacy like a sweet pastry! The January blues are ending and the hope of Spring is looming around the corner. Valentine’s day is placed perfectly in the middle of the month, allowing for love to be spread through each day. Everything is wrapped in blush and red hues upon every shelf in the store, from candies to little cards to write sweet notes to the one you love. Each day has a soft and feminine vibe, as if you are walking through a Parisian daydream! Oh and did I mention? It’s my Birthday month!

I absolutely cannot wait to celebrate my 19th Birthday with my family, as I do every year! A lovely evening out for a special dinner where ever I please and back home for presents and peanut butter cookies (my favorite treat!)! I am not one for a big bash, for it’s simply not my style and too chaotic for me. I enjoy a simple celebration with the ones who I love the most close by on this special day. Now the real question is, what shall I treat myself to this year? I enjoy getting myself a little something something because my Birthday is the perfect excuse to splurge! Plus who doesn’t want to add a little Kate Spade to their closet!

Also this week I am planning on looking for my first ever job! Yes, I’m 18 going on 19 and I have never had a job but hopefully that will change soon! I’m just looking for a small part time retail job to gain a little experience and make a little bit of money. I have my fingers crossed my local Kate Spade is looking to hire someone because I think that would be a fun first job for me, if not I do have a few other stores in mind to apply at! I’m so excited to get a job and gain a little experience, even if it is just a part time retail job!

Valentine’s Day, my 19th Birthday, getting a job, February is already looking busy but I am excited for it! What is on your calendar this February? Will you be out shopping for those that you love or will you be shopping to spoil yourself? Do you have any special dates, like a birthday or anniversary to celebrate in this lovely month? Or can you give me a little advice before I head out in my job search?sign-off-for-blog-post

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