The Perks Of Being “Over-Dressed”


Outfit Details: Dress: Modcloth / Fascinator: Nordstrom (Old. Similar here and here. Also love this one!) / Braclet: Kate Spade (Old. Similar here)

When going out I always like to dress my absolute best, whether I am headed to the mall, dinner, the grocery store, or anywhere else it doesn’t matter, I adore getting dressed up! A charming little dress, a delightful fascinator, a piece of elegant jewelry which glimmers gracefully under the florescent lights of Target, I always enjoy being a little “over-dressed”. I find myself far more comfortable being wrapped up in a classically chic outfit with my glittery Kate Spade draped over my shoulder which captures the attention of others rather than throwing on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and heading out. My mother always taught me being well dressed is polite and shows respect, and we all know mother knows best plus it’s quite fun getting a little dressed up and having people stare at you with a hint of envy because you decided to take the plunge and go out looking extravagant.

I have always taken style lessons from Kate Spade and they always encourage you to “live colorfully” and to always add an element of surprise to your outfits and for me that is adding a lovely fascinator to my head before heading out to a family dinner or grabbing a vibrant pink purse paired with a dazzling necklace even if my outfit is just a simple pair of pants and a sweater. Yes sometimes it can be a little much but if I love how it looks and feel confident then by all means I’m going to continue to wear it! “Over-dressing” for events has many perks, for example, it is the perfect excuse to wearing those ridiculous impulse purchases you “had to have.” A glittery shift dress which you found on sale and couldn’t leave the store without will no longer be a burden hanging in your closet but instead the fabulous piece which will leave everyone at the office party talking! Not only does it rationalize your habit to impulse buy beautiful ridiculous pieces, but the “CPW”  (Cost Per Wear) of those purchases goes down, making getting dressed up a good finical decision.

Adding those pieces which offer your look with a little extra flair is always fun. The confidence and attitude of knowing you have the most fabulous outfit at the party is simply one of the most enjoyable feelings a gal can have. Whenever I am out and about sporting one of my spectacular looks, I absolutely adore the compliments and stares of those who pass by me. I hope my look of confidence inspires them to take the risk of being “over-dressed” to their next outing so they also can feel the incredible magic which it offers. I am always one for a simple classic chic look but some days you need to go all out and throw on a party dress and pretend you are in an extravagant Kate Spade editorial and not care what the world thinks.sign-off-for-blog-post

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