Tea With Taylor No.1: “Paris Couture Fashion Week”


Welcome to a new series here on “Sincerely, Taylor” called “Tea With Taylor”! Here I will be talking about what has been inspiring me lately, whether it’s a blog post or simply a few pictures, I will be sharing them here. I will also be giving little updates on my happening for the week, giving you the feel of having a spot of tea with me (hence the name of the series). I hope you all enjoy this little addition to “Sincerely, Taylor” as I hope to use it to show you more of who I am personally and let you get to know me better!

This week I have been filling my head with Parisian dreams as I look forward to Paris Haute Couture Week! No, I may not be attending because my apparently my invitations once again got lost in the mail (sigh) but I will be enjoying seeing all the updates of the shows from instagram and twitter! Designers like Dior, Chanel, Givenchy, Elie Saab, Ralph & Russo, and many more will be displaying their lovely handmade extravagant designs and I couldn’t be more excited to see the collections (especially Dior & Chanel!!)  I have been watching these incredible shows for years from the comfort of my home but one day I hope I will be able to see these magnificent pieces of art from the front row.  I can see it now, ‘Taylor Rene, Creative Director of Paris Vogue’ written on my invitations to the most exclusive fashion shows, such as Dior. Being asked to , not only attend their breathtaking show, but also be styled by them for the event!  Then arriving and being photographed before sitting front row next to Karlie Kloss (one of my favorite super models) to watch in awe as each new elegant dress passes by my view. After I would hurry and have a macaroon and tea at the Laduree before heading to the Chanel show to be wisped away in a Coco daydream! Ohh la la!!!

 To some, these may seem like silly little daydreams, but how can one not fantasize about something so beautiful? I will always stay a little caught up in my dreams and hopefully by doing so I follow my heart right to them. What about you? Are you excited for this year Couture Fashion Week?! Which shows are always your favorite to watch? Do you day dream of attending and sitting in the front row next to your favorite super model and eating macaroons after the show?


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