Marshmallow Fluff


Outfit Details: Coat: Abercrombie & Fitch (Old / Similar Here) / Pants: J.Crew / Shoes: Marc Fisher (Old / Similar Here) Purse: Modcloth Mittens: H&M (Old)

It’s that “lovely” time of year again here in good ole’ Michigan where the weather is so bitter cold all you want to do is wrap up in a blanket and watch ‘Friends’ all day. I’m personally not a fan of winter weather, in fact I will be so bold as to say I hate it, but I’m not going to let my sour taste for the weather drag down my style. On days when I pry myself from the blanket fortress I have made to fight off the cold, I enjoy layering up with this fluffy marshmallow coat from Abercrombie and Fitch. Having a marvelous coat is an essential for fashion survival in the northern states and this lined oversized fuzzy crème coat is the perfect piece for keeping warm and stylish even on the coldest of days. Soft and cozy, once you slip this jacket on you will feel like a marshmallow melting in a warm cup of cocoa rather than a frozen icicle.

This coat is a such a wonderful quality, I no longer worry about freezing my butt off when I want to go out for a little retail therapy or a nice brunch with my mom. This lovely crème coat features simple black buttons keeping it’s look clean yet sophisticated. Thanks to this fabulous marshmallow fluff I call a coat, I don’t have to give up my classically chic sense of style because of Michigan’s horrible weather!   It’s the perfect addition to any outfit and for any occasion! Unfortunately I received this coat last year as a Christmas gift and it is no longer available, but Abercrombie does offer this similar style which I also love!


When wearing such a dramatic coat keeping your accessories simple is key, so I decided to pair it with my favorite H&M kitten mittens and Modcloth kitty cross body. I enjoy adding little quirky elements to my everyday look and these little accessories are purr-fect! The gloves are thick and well fitted making them great for a girl who wants to be chic but also toasty warm! The cat details on the hand are simple yet cute, elevating the look of the gloves without being too flashy.  The Modcloth cross body matches well with the mittens and also doesn’t take too much attention away from the fuzzy coat, making style and comfort no longer two strangers but rather best friend with this cozy pairing!

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