Beautiful Ballerina Eyes


I have always wanted to be a ballerina, it is something I have daydreamed about almost every single day of my life. To move and twirl with grace and elegance while looking like a delicate angel with beautiful music playing ever so lightly in the background is a thought which consumes my mind all the time, especially when I am getting ready in the morning. Each day when I am getting cleaned up, I enjoy dancing around the bathroom and doing my makeup in a way which I believe a real ballerina would wear hers, because I am adorable and enjoy being cute. On these days, I enjoy sticking with soft pink and nude hues and anything which shimmers, such as the lovely “Everyday Eyes Eyeshadow” palette in “01 Must Have Naturals”  from Milani. This simple drugstore palette is my go to whenever I feel like feeding into my daydreams and getting dolled up to resemble what I imagine a ballerina would look like.

With delicate natural hues of light pinks and browns in both matte and shimmer finishes, this little palette is enough to give any girl beautiful ballerina eyes. The “Everyday Eyes Eyeshadow” is perfectly pigmented leaving these lovely shades bouncing off your beautiful face. The shimmers have a luscious creamy texture while the mattes are perfectly powdered, both are easily build able to take your simple look from day to night in no time. This palette is the perfect go to for your next evening to the ballet or if you want to pretend to be a ballerina yourself. While you sit there captivated by the gorgeous music and extraordinary movements of the graceful ballerina’s, you can imagine yourself up there with your beautiful ballerina eyes, or at least that’s what I would do!

Milani’s “Everyday Eyes Eyeshadow” is not only one of the most lovely palettes I have ever owned, it is also one of the most affordable. For only $11 this delicate palette has helped me on the days when I feel like playing a little dress up and make myself into a “ballerina”. Sometimes drugstore makeup can be a bust (I know I have had my fair share of  products which didn’t live up to my expectations) but this palette has really impressed me and I will for sure be keeping it in my collection. I have used this lovely palette as often as my higher end ones, such as the Anastasia Beverly Hills “Modern Renaissance” palette. With it’s incredibly pigmented shades and beautiful looks you able to create, this palette is an incredible deal.

If you are like me and have the “dance of the sugar plum fairy” playing endlessly through your mind while you dance and twirl around the house while pretending to be a ballerina then this palette may be for you. Light and shimmery shade which blend beautifully help fulfill any girls daydream of looking like a ballerina. Pair this palette with a simple cat eye and tulle skirt and you are ready for the spotlight!sign-off-for-blog-post

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