A Well Placed Bow





You take a glance in the mirror before heading out the door, your outfit is fabulously chic, makeup is done to perfection, and your hair is flowing beautifully, but you notice something is missing. You have the cutest purse and the perfect pair of shoes, you look simply divine and are wearing your most beautiful smile, yet you still feel as if you have forgotten something. In this moment, you tie your hair back with a delicate little bow and the whole world seems right again. A well placed bow wraps an entire look together in a matter of seconds, leaving you feeling beautiful and confident, which is why I adore this velvet hair bow from ‘Cara’.

A  bow is simply one of the most delicate and beautiful additions to anything, especially an outfit. Whether you decide to add bow with a pair of earrings, a little tie upon the tips of your toe, or my favorite, by tying your hair up, you will add a soft and delicate feminine vibe to any look. I absolutely adore a small hair bow like this ‘Cara’ one from Nordstroms because it is so simple and classic and makes any outfit look positively elegant in a matter of no time. The velvet material is wonderful for the holiday season which is upon us, making this my holiday party go to accessory. Summer was all about natural flowing hair and loose tops, but the Winter is about possessing tied together elegance, and adding a bow to your hair can help you achieve this in no time.




Many people may feel tying your hair up in bow is childish but I find it quite divine, it adds a sense of femininity and chicness which no other accessory can give. A bow tying my lovely locks of hair perfectly together is so elegant and yet so simple I could imagine wearing it on a snowy day to a trip to an art museum. Walking around with a perfectly classic chic look, black trousers, my trusty cashmere cardigan, little Mary Janes. Admiring lovely works of art being displayed beautifully among each other as I display my own form through my outfit, for fashion is one of the most powerful forms of art there is. I end my day of beauty by stopping by a small cafe and enjoying an espresso before heading back to my home to enjoy a relaxing night with a cup of tea and a good book.

Add a well placed bow to your look gives such classic and elegant vibe to your look with little to no effort. Delicate and beautiful, this little accessory never goes out of style, making it a lovely wardrobe essential every classy gal who dreams of elegance should have in her closet. The ‘Cara’ bow from Nordstroms is my favorite and if you are looking to add a bit of simplistic femininity to your outfits I suggest this little bow! It’s perfectly small, velvet, and comes in a few beautiful colors, such as black, blush, and a deep navy blue. Add a little elegance to your outfit and treat yourself to this fabulous accessory this holiday season!




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