A New York December

Whenever I think of December I also always think of New York, the two seem to mesh so well together to me it’s hard not to relate them. From glitzy parties and sparking sparkling lights to festive jazz playing in the background of a fabulous restaurant while you are styled in a classic high fashion outfit, the two pair so well together they’re like champagne and strawberries. As much as I long for Paris, I must say, I truly believe I am a New York Girl at heart. This December I am letting the glamour and class of New York inspire my holiday season style, my beauty will consist of bold red lips and cat eyes with hints of glitter for the extra razzle dazzle. My style will remain classic and chic, like New York, with black suede ankle booties and tailored pea coats, which I will pair with my favorite glitzy rose gold Kate Spade because what’s more New York than Kate Spade? While I may not be attending many parties, I will sure to be celebrating the holidays glamorously with my family, sipping hot cocoa out of champagne glasses because even snuggle nights by the fire need an element of surprise. With beautiful instrumental Christmas music playing and the glow of the warm holiday lights, I plan on making this holiday season one to remember. One filled with love and style.



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