NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer First Impression

DSC_0414.jpgAfter being quite sick with a cold for a few days, my skin looked, well let’s say it’s had some better days. I had a breakout on my cheek, which accidentally became a huge cut after I scratched it, my nose and eyes were red, making me look like a cross between Rudolf and a zombie, and the rest of my skin was pale and dry. After days of simply just hiding under the covers and covering my face with my hair while attending class hoping to not scare people with my evil witch like appearance, I remembered I had a sample of the NARS “Radiant Creamy Concealer” in my desk waiting to be tested. I received this sample a few weeks prior in my Sephora order and was saving it for an important occasion, and this seemed liked the time to break it out. I applied the shade “Vanilla”, which is the perfect shade for my light complexion, under my eyes, on the horrid cut, and a few other “problem zones” and the results left me stunned. I once again appeared to be a healthy and beautiful girl with radiant skin rather than a dying troll who has lived under a bridge for the past 48397 years! Once again I felt like the princess I truly am and had the confidence to muster up some strength and conquer the day filled with school I had ahead of me.

This concealer truly does make you feel radiant once more, even when your skin is at its lowest point. With one use, I was so impressed with the lovely coverage it gave me that I am desperate to go out and purchase an entire supply as soon as I can. It is light weight, creamy, and blends well to your skin, making it appear as if you have no makeup on. My foundation was able to be applied over the top of it smoothly, leaving me with flawless coverage. I have heard many people say this product leaves their skin “cakey” and not bendable, but I found no problems with it at all. I believe it blends well and help blur any “imperfections” which may appear on your skin, like giant red cuts which won’t seem to heal!

After a day of being out in the rain and literally running from one class to another with the wind blowing against me, my face still managed to look concealed and beautiful, even though the rest of me looked a  little rough (yes, even high maintenance fabulous people like me have our “rough moments”). Not only did this product manage to make me look amazing while I was getting over being sick, but it managed to hold up and last through bad weather conditions, making this concealer truly magical!

The NARS “Radiant Creamy” concealer is at the top of my “Wish List” after simply using one small sample of it. I fell in love with it more and more as the day went on, starting from the moment it transferred me back to my healthy self, to when my mother said I looked the best I have had in a long time! The texture is light weight but gives amazing coverage, making it feel almost as if you aren’t wearing anything. It helped hydrate and reduce the redness of my skin to give me back my radiant glow which I adore. If you are in need of a concealer and want one which is well worth your money and gets the job done, try NARS’ “Radiant Creamy” concealer, you won’t regret it.sign-off-for-blog-post



2 thoughts on “NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer First Impression

  1. I’ve never tried the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer but have always wanted to! I’ve been using the Tarte Shape Tape for a few months but maybe I’ll branch out and try something new! Thanks for sharing! xo


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