A Dress Perfect For Every Occasion

DSC_0249bwDSC_0019DSC_0364bwHanging in every girls closet is that one dress which is perfectly fitted, goes with everything, and can be worn anywhere, and for me, that magical little number is the “Luck Be A Lady” dress by ‘Closet London’. A  fit and flare styled dress fitted at the waist with a simple belt, matches my style perfectly, classic, simple, and elegant. I have worn this lovely little dress to many events, weddings, receptions, church, fancy dinners with my family, and holidays, it has basically become my go-to dress whenever I need to be a little more dolled up than usual. A simple style makes it the perfect canvas for playing around with accessories and different looks. You can keep the look more simple and elegant when you want to remain timeless like Audrey Hepburn, but you can also add fun flares to it with Fascinators when you want to channel your inner Kate Middleton!

The fabulous “Luck Be A Lady” is available through the online shop, ‘Modcloth’, a lovely site which sells unique and quirky vintage fashions, and they also offer this dress in many colors! I have the black and violet and both of them are simply stunning. The black offers a timeless classic look, making it the perfect little black dress, while the violet gives a chic and striking look, which makes it impossible to not stop and stare at its beauty. Each dress is fitted perfectly in the torso,  flares at the waist, and hits right above the knee, like a classic fit and flare dress should. Both feature a remove able belt, which I feel completes the look without going over the top, keeping it simple and timeless. Also as an added bonus, this fabulous dress has, wait for it, POCKETS! Yes, pockets! Each time I wear this dress I need to pinch myself it actually exist due to its perfectness!

It’s full skirt is perfect for when you want to have a princess moment and twirl with your skirt flowing out all around you. I adore wearing this dress with a simple cardigan and classic black heels for a timeless look which always manages embrace my inner Audrey and capture the attention of everyone. But, to be honest, I feel the best way to style it is with a fabulous fascinator. Remember those funny little hair pieces I mentioned before? Well, it turns out the “Luck Be A Lady” dress is the perfect out to pair with one of those fabulous pieces, making you feel like as if you are attending a fabulous tea party! What more could a girl wish for in an outfit?!DSC_0353bwDSC_0412DSC_0398bw

If your closet is missing that magical dress which you can wear to any event, style a million ways, and has pockets, then I suggest you grab this fabulous piece and enjoy the beauty and fun it brings! Whether you are a classic black dress kind of gal or enjoy something a little more colorful, such as this striking blue floral pattern, this dress is wonderful for anyone! Perfectly fitted, endless amount of fabulousness, and, most importantly, pockets, this daydream of an outfit will become your favorite piece hanging in your closet for years to come!sign-off-for-blog-post

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