Audrey Hepburn Approved Fall Trends

With the arrival of each season comes an abundance of new fashion trends which everyone “must have”.  Some trends are lovely and chic, such as the return of the color red and the fabulous midi skirt, while others are dreadful and are gone before the next season even introduces itself, making you waste your money on pieces which end up collecting dust before you eventually toss them. This Fall season, I am sharing with you the top Fall trends which even the timeless Audrey Hepburn would wear and will for certain not fade away, making them well worth your money. This will help you avoid the common mistake most people make with their wardrobe by jumping in and purchasing fast trends which don’t last and quite honestly don’t look good. Here are the 2017 Fall trends which are sure to be Audrey Hepburn approved!


Pop Of Red

Photo: Damsel In Dior


Ever since Taylor Swift released her album “RED” in Oct. 2012, it has become the official color of Fall, well at least to me it has, and this season many designers, such as Givenchey (Audrey’s favorite), Fendi, Carolina Herrera, and many more have also decided to join me in naming it the “go-to” shade for Fall. Bright, chic, and simply breathtaking, the red trend is surly something Audrey Hepburn would jump on board with an incorporate into her fabulous style. A color, which is as neural as black and white, but also as trendy as the fabulous rose gold is perfect for anyone looking for a new timeless color to add to their wardrobe this season. A bright dress paired with black accessories or a small red purse to add a pop to a grey outfit, any way you wear this trend you surly will look classic and fabulous all season while grasping the attention of others.


Midi Skirts


Midi skirts have been trending for a while now and it seems they are going to be sticking around, and honestly I am not complaining. This classy style of skirt offers such a feminine chic vibe to any outfit, making it a 100% Audrey approved trend to add to your wardrobe. The lovely Hepburn herself even wore this lovely style of skirt quite often, add your favorite black sweater with a pair of flats to a striking metallic gold midi and you have yourself a magnificent Fall outfit. This piece is  perfect from transitioning from Summer days to Fall nights, it is also fabulous for any event, such as work or even a romantic Fall date night with your love to the movies! Such a simple and classic style will leave you feeling chic and beautiful no matter what your day has planned for you!



Photo: Margo And Me

Hats played a big role in many of Audrey’s iconic looks, making the return of the beret definitely something I would see Audrey being on board with! This Parisian styled hat is a classic piece which can be style with almost any outfit or event you have planned. A simple day at the Cafe sipping espresso and reading or a casual walk through the park to admire the beautiful Fall colors, this little hat is surely the perfect accessory to help elevate your look to a new level of modern chic. You can also have a little fun with this trend, instead of always opting for the classic black beret, add a pop of color to your outfit with a bright red or a delicate blush pink for a more soft and sweet vibe. Either way, while wearing a fabulous beret, you will be able to leave your house looking totally chic and know Audrey Hepburn would absolutely love your look.


Pant Suit

Photo: Damsel In Dior

A tailored pant suit is something Audrey wasn’t shy of and neither should you. This trend is popping up on in street styles all over the world and on the runway. Women are once again sealing from the boys with this trend and making it better by adding fabulous clutches and killer heels. Audrey showed us, even if you aren’t a work force gal dominating the business world, you still can have fun and wear a pant suit. Reach for a black blazer, tailored pants, a simple white top, and add your own flair to it, whether it’s a blush clutch, sparkly heels or a polka dot belt, make this trendy your own. Take style tips from the classic Hepburn and wear a pair of delicate ballet flats with a bold red lip or add a simple bow to give it a soft and girly vibe. The best part of a pant suit is you can play with it and add touches of your own personal style to make it one of the most fabulous outfits in your wardrobe. Don’t let a “masculine” style scare you from adding feminine touches, Audrey did flee from this trend, instead she elevated it to pure perfection and made it her own and you should too.


These Fall trends are fun, chic, classic, and without a doubt, Audrey Hepburn approved, making them the perfect additions for your wardrobe this season. If you are like me and lean towards a classic Parisian chic style, then you shouldn’t shy away from these trends. Adding a bold pop of red to your look or a fabulous midi skirt is going to help elevate your style this Fall season and leave people starring in awe at your ability to mesh classic and trendy styles to create a beautiful look. Remember to always be mindful of the trends you choose to invest in each season, some like the ones above, will last multiple seasons, while others may come and go in a flash and end up being a waste of money. And always remember to stick to YOUR style, don’t force yourself to wear something just because it’s “trendy”, your confidence and beauty shines brightest when you wear something which is truly you, trendy or not.

“Why change? Everyone has their own style. When you have found it, you should stick to it” – Audrey Hepburn


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