September Favorites

DSC_0410DSC_0411September has been quite a hard month for me if I am being completely honest. College isn’t as great as I had imagined in my head, the 45 minutes commute to and from campus, the long classes, and the homework, which no matter how much you do, there is still more to be done. It’s been quite a hard transition going from being home schooled, where I could create my own schedule, work at my own pace, and not have to deal with such a long day to having to conform to a school’s schedule and work at the pace of the class. While I am still struggling to get adjust to this new way of life, I still managed to squeeze in some time (which is a miracle with all this homework) to try out a few new products this month! These few things have managed to shine a bit of light on these rather dreary days of mine and I am so happy to share them with you!

Too Faced “Hangover Replenishing” Face Primer

If you saw in a recent blog post of mine or on my instastory, I finally tried the Too Faced “Hangover Replenishing” face primer! I have heard so many amazing reviews on this primer and decided it was finally time to see if it lived up to its hype, and it does! It’s lovely hydrating formula, which contains no toxins and coconut water (an incredible, natural, hydrating ingredient), applies ever so smoothly to your skin, leaving it feeling refreshed and rejuvenated even on your worse “beauty hangover” days. After applying a single pump, my makeup goes on smoothly and stays put for the majority of the day when I apply it over the primer. Even on days when I decided to skip the foundation and blush and have a makeup free day, I still apply the primer to give me a fresh dewy glow. I adore this product and haven’t gone a day without using it since I picked it up at the beginning of the month! With the new stresses of school added to my plate, this primer has been there by my side keeping me looking fresh and beautiful!


Biolage HydraSource Conditioning Balm

When it comes to hair products I am always changing it up to keep my hair on its toes. Once I ran out of the wonderful Amika conditioner (remember when I talked about it here?) I thought it was the perfect time to once again mix it up and get Matrix’s “Biolage HydraSource” conditioning balm. I had used this product once before when I stole a tiny bit from my mother and I remember how luscious and beautiful my hair felt after a single wash, leaving me day dreaming of the day I could finally get my own bottle, and the day finally came!  Only needing a tiny drop, the magical power of aloe hydrates my hair and gives it the most incredible moisturizing feel in the entire world, leaving it soft and flowy. Since I started using the balm, my hair has felt the best it ever has, plus it looks freaking fantastic. Rarely have I had a day where I look at my hair and think “Ugh one of those  days again”. Instead I stare in awe at how healthy, strong, and lovely my hair looks and can’t help but to endlessly run my figure through it. I will for sure keep using this product into the Fall and Winter months to keep my hair perfectly moisturized. If you have frizzy dry hair or are worried about the dry months ahead of us, let Matrix’s “Biolage HydraSource” condition balm work its magic and give you the smooth hair you deserve!


Halogen Removable Collar Sweater

I recently scored this adorable Halogen polka dot sweater at Nordstroms and have been in love ever since! The material is super soft and light weight, making it perfect to stay comfortable and warm on these busy days of endless classes and homework. This is my first product I have purchased from Halogen and they did not disappoint! Not only do they offer a lovely quality of fabric, which feels soft and delicate against your skin, but they also offer petite sizes making sure everyone (even me!) can enjoy their lovely clothing! But to be honest, my favorite part of this perfectly fitted sweater is the removable collar, yes you heard that right, a removable collar! This feature offers you the ability to have either a more professional look with the collar or remove it to be more casual. I enjoy styling it with the collar on days when I have exams and trying to be a little more sophisticated and classy, you now playing the part of the smart school girl in hope to get a better grade. On days when I am just hanging out around my house and studying I take it off and keep it a little more casual and cozy. With this purchase I was able to get two fabulous sweaters, which have become a new Fall favorite in my wardrobe, for the price of one!


Cara Velvet Hair Bows

The velvet trend has only increased this Fall, which is perfectly fine with me. Velvet is a chic and classy material which offer a delicate Parisian vibe and wrapping the material in a little bow and tying it into your hair is one of the most beautiful things you can do. I found these lovely Cara velvet hair bows while browsing Nordstroms with my mom and had to get two, classic black and deep navy blue. Tying these delicate bows into my hair make me feel so soft and beautiful, perfect for the days when you are trying to go for a more simple yet endearing look. They are such an easy accessory which can be style with any outfit, I have worn them to both a Wedding and college, making them the perfect Fall accessory!

B&BW Cinnamon Pretzel Candle

For me, one of my favorite Fall scents has to be the smell of fresh soft pretzels. One may think this is an odd smell for Fall but, to me, it takes me back to those fun afternoons of going to the mall during a school day so it was empty and shopping for all new clothes (home school perk: shopping = “field trip”). After hours of trying on millions of jeans, jackets, and convincing mom to let you get a stuffed animal (she always says yes to a new Disney stuffie!), we would finally make our way to the exit, but not before we grab one of those delicious warm pretzels whose smell had been lingering in the air since we’ve arrived. With shopping bags surrounding us, we would get a few of the perfectly salted pretzels and enjoy our little snack after a successful day of shopping. Each time I light this B&BW Cinnamon Pretzel candle, I am instantly taken back to those days and feel a sense of comfort. With the smell of fresh pretzels, a hint of a warm buttery vanilla, and a small dash of cinnamon, this candle beats every pumpkin spiced scent on the market.


Even though as I look back as I close this month’s chapter and see all the stress and struggles I have had to deal with, it is nice to know there was quite a lot of good that still happened. I have new beauty products which help pick me up each day, a few new pieces added to my wardrobe, and at the end of a stressful day I can simply come home and light my cozy pretzel candle and remember the simpler times in life. I hope you all enjoyed your September and here to hoping for a lovely and beautiful October!sign-off-for-blog-post

6 thoughts on “September Favorites

  1. I love your September favorites!!! School will get better as it goes along and you get adjusted more and I promise we will find a day to shop like we used to!! 🙂

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