My Secret Weapon For Radiant Skin

DSC_0404DSC_0406DSC_0403DSC_0407Having skin which is radiant and bright is something which is extremely important to me. Enjoying a healthy diet and sticking to a good skincare routine has helped me achieve the skin of my dreams, and using this little product has also helped give my skin an extra boost which makes it glow as bright and happy as the lovely sun. Caudalie’s “Vinoperfect Radiance” serum is my secret product which has helped me achieve this beautiful skin and  is without a doubt my favorite skincare product I have ever used. I have mentioned this little gem a few times before and decided to put it in the spot light and share with you a little bit more of why I adore it so much!

Before using the “Vinoperfect Radiance” serum, I had quite lovely skin but it still could’ve used a bit of improvement, I needed something which would help brighten my face, even my skin tone a bit, and help with the dryness, which never seemed to go away, especially in the winter. Answering my prayers of a product which could help these little needs, the skincare angels answered my prayers and I received a sample of Caudlie’s “Vinoperfect Radiance” serum in my Sephora birthday gift. With my excitement of trying a new skincare product bursting through me, I tried out the serum to see if it truly could help boost my radiance. After using a small amount of the product everyday for a few weeks, I noticed my skin tone evening out and starting my complexion began to have more of a lovely glow. The dryness seemed to be disappearing as well, leaving me with beautifully hydrated and dewy skin in the Winter, which has been something I never thought would happen to me! After only a short amount of time, this serum captured my heart with its amazing benefits and magical powers which has given me my best skin yet.

I simply cleanse my face, exfoliate, add a small drop of my “Vinoperfect Radiance” serum and work it into my face, then I apply my moisturizer to lock in the fabulous serum and let it work its magic. It’s lightweight and oil-free formula is smooth and light, not weight down your skin or clogging up your pores causing you to breakout. Not only is this magnificent serum easy to apply and helps you glow like a fairy, but it’s also made without harsh parabens, sulfates, and phthalates which are harmful chemicals for your skin. Caudalie uses more natural ingredients in their skincare products, such as olive squalane, to help nurture your skin. No need for useless damaging chemicals here! Another added bonus is you only need to use a small amount, making this product last an incredibly long time and being well worth your money!

After using this product for quite a few months now, I feel so confident and beautiful in my skin that on some days I will even skip foundation and let my true beauty shine. I don’t always feel the need to apply something to even out my skin or hide it, because the “flaws” which were once there have faded away and a healthy and natural beauty is what remains. Yes, most days I still add a bit of coverage but there are a lot of days when I simply just add a little mascara and lip gloss and show off my lovely radiating skin. I don’t think without the help of Caudlie’s lovely and magical radiance serum I would have been able to achieve such gorgeous skin or this much confidence in my own beauty. I truly love this product and all the positively wonderful benefits it has given my skin in the past few months. Caudlie has created the perfect serum for any skincare routine and it has officially become a staple in mine.

If you are in search of a product to give your skin a little boost by evening your skin tone, giving your complexion a lovely glow, or even to help with dry skin, I highly recommended Caudlie’s “Vinoperfect Radiance” serum. I cannot express enough how wonderful and brilliantly this product works. It gives your skin everything it needs to become as bright as the golden sun shining through the dark clouds on a cool autumn evening. It makes you feel as if you are as beautiful as a Disney princess. Honestly, Caudlie has created the perfect product to add to your skincare routine for beautiful radiant skin.


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