The Best Fall Transitional Sweater

DSC_0023DSC_0011DSC_0064DSC_0055It’s that time of year when the weather can’t seem to make up its and decide if it’s still Summer or time for Fall, making getting dressed even harder. As if trying to decide on the perfect outfit isn’t hard enough, now the temperatures outside are playing little games such as starting off chilly in the morning and ending up being quite warm by the afternoon. Each morning you are forced to choose between dressing for the warm afternoon and bearing the cold in the morning or being comfortable in cozy for the chilly start of the day and sweating like a dog by lunch, but I am here to tell you today the battle of comfort no longer has to be fought. For these slightly annoying Fall days I have the perfect sweater which is warm enough to fight off the morning chill but still lightweight, so by the time the clouds have parted and the afternoon sun is out you can remain cool and stylish without sweat running down your back.


Banana Republic’s ‘Merino Wool’ sweater is the fine piece of clothing which offers this lovely comfort. A classic lightweight sweater with a gentle soft fabric which leaves you falling in love with each wear. This sweater is one of my wardrobe essentials and, without a doubt, one of my favorite pieces I currently own. It offers such a simple classic look to your outfit making it perfect for any occasion, school, work, or even getting together with your friends. You can also pair this piece with just about anything from skinny jeans to skirts, making it even more versatile. I adore styling this little piece with my J.Crew ‘Pixie Pant’ and a my favorite Marc Fisher booties for a classic tailored look. For accessories I keep it simple with either a small necklace or bracelet and, of course, a Kate Spade, keeping with the quote “Less is more”.

Along with its fabulous comfort and classic chic vibes, this merino wool sweater is also available in quite a few colors and styles. Opt for the more traditional crew in a neutral color for a classic style or go for a casual “boyfriend” styled V-neck for a more relaxing look, which ever style or color you choose, the lovely comfort will always be there ready to help you transition from Summer to Fall with grace and elegance. Once you find the style you like (mine is the classic crew and last years pom pom sweater) you can buy it in an array of gorgeous colors such as robin’s egg, fire red, hot pink, and of course, your classics such as black, white, and navy. With the ability to make your closet full of the perfect sweater in the colors of the entire rainbow, Banana Republic really makes it hard to go on a budget, believe me I’m trying too but I must have all the colors!


What’s even more perfect about this piece is it’s one of Banana Republic’s staples, meaning it comes back towards the end of Summer and sticks around till the Spring, making it possible to get your hands on as many as you can in a timely manner. Or you could buy every color at once and have a fabulous wardrobe at the drop of a credit card, whatever you want darling. With Banana Republic’s constant sales and having such great quality wool, which never seems to lose its shape and manages to look just as good as the day you bought it, it is well worth purchasing. I manage to find their merino wool sweater in the sale area all the time making them even more of a great deal, perfect for those who are trying to get a lovely classic look for a reasonable price.


Transitioning with grace and style into the Fall season is now easy with Banana Republic’s classic merino wool sweater. The perfect top to keep you warm on a crisp cool morning but also great for those afternoons when the sun decides to poke out and greet us with its warmth. The classic crew style will keep your outfit tailored and timeless, especially the black which will give your outfit major Audrey Hepburn vibes. While the lovely lively colors and patterns, such as stripes or pompoms, will help you stand out and show your fun quirky side. Whichever merino wool sweater you choose, you will be the most fabulous and comfortably dressed gal this Fall season! Head over to your nearest Banana Republic and treat yourself to one of my favorite wardrobe essentials!







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