Primer For Your Beauty Hangover

DSC_0382DSC_0376DSC_0378DSC_0379You wake up and look in the mirror and jump back with a fright at what you catch a glimpse of staring back at you. “Is that really me?” you think to yourself after seeing the train wreck of which you call your morning face. After many long days of classes, work, stress, staying up a little too late, and doing whatever else, you tend to start looking a little rough, especially when you roll out of bed at 5a.m.. Fear not my lovely friends, for I have the perfect product which will revive your beautiful skin and turn the monster in the mirror into a princess.

I recently tried Too Faced’s ” Hangover Replenishing” face primer, you know to see if this product can really cure a “beauty” hangover, and boy did it not disappoint. First, this product uses more natural probiotic products, such as coconut water, which is fabulous for your skin, leaving it hydrated, smooth, and glowing. The stress of starting college and trying to balance life and classes has been taking a bit of a toll on my skin, but the “Hangover” primer has helped give me back the bright hydrated glow I once had. My skin is no longer dull and hanging off my face, causing me to look like a zombie, but rather glowing like the princess that I am. I noticed this product managed to restore this beautiful radiance in a matter of only a few days, making it a magical and fabulous primer, perfect for anyone trying to get back their glow even after the worse “beauty hangover”.

Restoring radiance and keeping your skin hydrated is quite important with a primer but also how well it manages to hold your makeup in place while you run around dominating the world. The first few times I used the “Hangover” primer, I noticed my makeup, not only looked, but also felt as fresh as when I first applied it. My foundation was perfectly in place, no signs of it being wiped off, my highlighter was still glowing as bright as the lovely sun, and my blush was still giving my cheeks a lovely light kiss of color. Not only did my makeup manage to stay in place after a day of walking in the wind from class to class, but it also applied more smoothly than ever before. I noticed my foundation glided on my skin much easier when I had the primer on, rather than days when I didn’t wear it, helping my makeup routine move along a little faster. Too Faced has created such a fabulous product which has helped my skin look fabulous and also made my makeup apply easier and look perfect longer.

If you are on the search for a primer which will cure even your most horrific “beauty hangover” ,give your skin a lovely dewy glow, and help your makeup gently and perfectly glide on like a delicate figure skater flying across the ice then I recommend trying Too Faced’s “Hangover Replenishing” face primer. Its magical ingredients and lovely smell of coconuts have helped turn the monster in the mirror back into the beautiful princess that I am. My makeup last all day, even in the messy and windiest of situations, like seriously this stuff helps it stay somewhat in place even when you cry. The next time you are at the holy land of Sephora, pick up this fabulous “beauty hangover” remedy and bring back that glow to your face, darling.sign-off-for-blog-post


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