My Favorite Pieces From Olivia Palermo’s Banana Republic Collection

Olivia Palermo is a street style queen with her gorgeous New York tailored style which with every look leaves me drooling in jealousy. After being partnered with Banana Republic for a while now, she has finally released her own collection through them, offering you the ability to dress like one of the most fashionable gals in the world. I am so excited for this collection and have fallen in love with basically every piece she has created! Each items has the vibe as if you should be wearing it to New York Fashion Week  hopping from show to show while photographers try to capture your fabulous look.  Not only does this collection ooze the class and sophistication of Mrs. Palermo, but it is also available in both regular and petite sizes, making me able to actually fit without having to get things tailored!


Cable Knit Turtleneck With Lace Accents


This gorgeous cable knit turtle neck features delicate lace detailing along the cuff and hem to give a classic look beautiful feminine vibe. Fabulous and chic, this simple sweater is perfect for those days when you are sitting in your favorite coffee shop, sipping a fresh cup of coffee and dreaming of being off in Paris. This lovely piece is offered in both navy and cream, I love the cream and can imagine it paired with simple black pants and a fabulous beret to give it a classic Parisian look. Olivia Palermo designed such a lovely piece with this sweater and I hope I can fulfill my dreams and add it to my collection.




 Ryan-Fit Tuxedo Stripe Pant

A fun twist on basic black pants, the Ryan-Fit Tuxedo Stripe pant are the perfect pair for anyone who wants to up their street style game. With a trendy olive green stripe lining each side, these pants perfect for a fabulous gal on the streets of New York heading off to dominate the world or to get drinks with her friends. Either way, these pants manage to elevate a classic style and make it a little more trendy while still keeping it timeless. I can definitely see Olivia’s personal style shining through in these pants as she rocks a lot of similar pieces often, making them a perfect addition to her Banana Republic collection!




Ruffle Accent TopcoatN1_4550_19

One of my top picks for this entire collection is the beautiful blush ruffle accent topcoat. This tailored coat in one of the most timeless and trendy colors with a lovely hint of unique little ruffles makes my heart skip a beat each time I see it. Its structured style offers a classic professional look, but the added ruffles gives it a delicate feminine vibe, making it able to go from work to play in no time. The lovely hue of pink is light and classic, making it the perfect coat to add to your fall collection this season. I can simply imagine myself roaming the hall of a lovely art gallery with this jacket draped upon my shoulders, a piece which is peaceful and beautiful like the art hanging on the walls. I adore this jacket and the daydreams it gives me, once again proving Olivia knows exactly how to make a fabulous classic collection.


Bias-Cut Skirt


This striking red Bias-Cut skirt is as beautiful as the gorgeous golden leaves being hit by the golden sunlight on a cool fall day. This angle midi style is the perfect mix of classy and trendy, perfect for a late Fall dinner with your significant other or days when you simply feel like dressing up and laying around the house, what? Doesn’t every have those days? Anyways, this lovely skirt can be paired with a simple silk camisole and a delicate pair of heels for a simple but fabulous outfit. Add a classic trench over the top to keep warm and you are ready to go out for a night on the town!



Lace Corset Waist Belt


A cool Autumn night and tickets to see the ballet, you slip on your classic little black dress and those heels which pinch your feet but look too good to take off. You take one last look in the mirror before you head out and notice your dress is missing something, a this little chic lace belt. This fabulous  Corset belt gives you simple LBD a romantic flare without going over the top. With it’s beautiful design, it’s almost impossible not to fall in love with this adorable little piece. Olivia Palermo is all about those fabulous little details to add to an outfit and I am glad she added them to her collection with things such as this fabulous belt. A piece which acts as the finishing touch to your classic look to give it a trendy new twist.


Olivia Palermo’s new collection at Banana Republic leaves me drooling each time I see I look at it. A collection which offers Olivia’s fabulous style of a mix of a trendy New York street style and classic Parisian vibes is something which I have completely fallen madly in love with. Each piece is beautiful and delicately created with the magical imagination of the fabulous Olivia Palermo, making it a true work of art. Being able to add even one of these incredible pieces to my collection would be a dream come true. A round of applause for Mrs. Palermo who completely outdid herself with this magnificent collection.sign-off-for-blog-post

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