A Little Pamper Night

img_1699img_1701Every so often when life is getting to be a little too much, I enjoy taking some time and giving myself a bit of a pamper session. Sadly, I don’t typically have time to  take the full day to pamper myself, tragic I know, but I tend to spend an evening treating myself to my favorite things right before I head off to bed. This is the perfect way to  end the day in the most delicate and enjoyable way possible, making it easy to drift off into a lovely sleep. I treat myself to a few small things which bring me the sweet sense of comfort, joy, and relaxation, such as lovely candles which smell of delicious treats to tickle my noise and luscious bath products which fill the tub with bubbles and beautiful colors, ooh la la. It’s important to care for yourself and take some time out of your busy and stressful schedule to wind down and enjoy the simple and delicate things in life, which is why I enjoy having a bit of a pamper session from time to time. Simply taking a few small treats in my life and adding them together, gives me the recipe for the perfect way to melt the stress of a long week away.

    To start off my little pamper night, I will light a few candles to create soft lighting and an aroma of delicate smells to fill the room choosing soft and sweet scents, such as vanilla, cinnamon, or pumpkin, to give a cozy feel to any room. The low light of the flickering flame brings a sense of calmness to the room, making candles my favorite addition to a pamper night. Once the lovely candles have been lit and are delicately filling the room with their delightful smell, I draw a warm bath and fill it with some fabulous bubbles! I am such a sucker for a fun and colorful bath bomb or bubble bar from Lush, I can’t get enough of their adorable designs and beautiful smells! My latest favorite has been ‘The Comforter’ bubble bar, and boy does it bring you comfort and joy! This wonderful bubble bar fills the tub with pink cotton candy like bubbles and the delicious smell of blackcurrant candy, making it one of the most irresistible bath products I have used. The creamy bubbles leave your skin feeling smooth and refreshed while all your stress slips away into another world as the bubble gently hug you.img_1700

  While the soaking in cotton candy heaven, I will fill the air with my favorite sound with bring me peace and joy at any time of the year, and that is Christmas music. No matter what month it is or what the weather is doing, I can always enjoy Christmas music, even if it’s July. The lovely music remind me of my favorite time of the year where I never seem to be stressed but rather filled with life and happiness, making it an instant mood booster and stress reliever for myself. Pairing this music with a warm bath and delicate candles is a recipe for magic, no matter what day I have had, these simple little things can help make it all better.

  Once the bath has cooled down and the bubbles have started to pop, I will dry off and put on my snuggliest clothes and fuzzy slippers to enjoy the rest of my evening. But before I slip out of the bathroom and back to reality, I will give my face a lovely scrub with my relaxing and rejuvenating lavender facial scrub. After a long week of applying makeup, it’s nice to give my face a bit of a scrub with all natural ingredients. Splash a little hot water , give a little scrub and just like that the stress of the week has officially washed down the drain. Each pamper night always leaves me feeling light and refreshed, prepared to start a new week with a more clear and beautiful outlook. I encourage you to take a little bit of time to wind down and pamper yourself, maybe in the morning or take an evening like I do, give yourself the time to enjoy you and the simple things in life, such as baths, candles, or a good book, to remind yourself of the beauty which is still in this world waiting for you to enjoy.sign-off-for-blog-post






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