The Anti-Haul: Beauty Edition

Upon seeing tons of interesting articles by some of my favorite bloggers, I have decided to jump on the “anti-haul” trend and share mine. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this concept, an “anti-haul” is a list of items you do NOT want, basically an un-wishlist if you will. I find this idea quite interesting, we are always so busy raving about them items we love and want but never really talk about the items we always pass by or think are the worse, so today I am giving you my beauty edition of the “anti-haul”!


Contour Kits

Contour kits, from my understanding, allow you to shape and define your face in different ways using dark shades to create shadows. I have never understood why so many people get into contouring, why would you want to create an illusion of how you look? Maybe it’s the unique way I view makeup where I believe it should be used to feature your natural look rather than to hide it in the shadows and create a new one, whatever it maybe, I don’t see myself purchasing a contour kit in the near future or ever. I quite enjoy the shape of my face and like to showcase the portions I adore with a highlighter, rather than hiding the parts I don’t quite care for with contour.


web_chocolatebar_open_updatedToo Faced “The Chocolate Bar” Eye Palette

I adore both Too Faced and eye shadow palettes, but I just can’t seem to fall in love with the “beloved” ‘Chocolate Bar’ eye palette like everyone else. I believe Too Faced has hit the mark with its quirky collections and products, such as the “Sweet Peach” range, and some of their other chocolate inspired products are cute but this item doesn’t have me racing to my nearest Sephora to buy it. Out of the 16 shadows this palette offers, I only kind of like and would use two, the other shades are too dark for my liking. I enjoy more lighter toned shadows and this palette really only offers more dark colored ones, due to the fact it’s suppose to be chocolate like. I don’t care for the shades and for $49 it doesn’t seem worth it to buy only for the two I do like. Sorry Too Faced but this product simply doesn’t do it for me.


anastasia_beverly_hills_subculture_palette_leadAnastasia Beverly Hills “Subculture” Eye Shadow Palette

All of a sudden out of literally nowhere, everyone started freaking out over ABH’s new eye shadow palette, “Subculture”, and I still don’t understand why. The colors, to me, are quite pukey and not appealing with its awkward yellows and dirty blues which remind me of a filthy lake. I find this palette to be hideous and ugly to say the least and will not be adding this to my wish list… ever. ABH has loads of lovely products with gorgeous colors, such as the “Modern Renaissance” palette I adore, but the “Subculture” palette is not one of those.


There are many beauty products released all the time and the hype for some of them, such as the ones I listed, confuses me. But everyone has different styles and taste when it comes to beauty, even if they don’t match my own, that’s ok. I simply don’t need to purchase a product, like the “Chocolate Bar”, because everyone else has it and loves it, if I don’t truly like it. I know what colors and textures I enjoy from my makeup products and these three simply don’t offer those for me, making my wallet sigh in relief more things aren’t being added to my current “wish list”.sign-off-for-blog-post

5 thoughts on “The Anti-Haul: Beauty Edition

  1. I have definitely seen some beautiful looks with the ABH Subculture palette but the quality of the shadows and my personal day-to-day color preference doesn’t warrant me spending the $42 dollars to add this to my collection. I also never felt the need to rush out and get the Chocolate Bar palette; it’s nice, but I have so many that I didn’t feel like I was missing anything. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. I love the Chocolate Bar palette, I use a lot of the neutral browns on the daily as transition/crease shades. Some of the colors seem a bit out of the place, but I use it more than any other high end eyeshadow palette I own. I find high-end eyeshadow palettes can be pretty hit and miss though! Great post.

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