Looking Fabulous In Ted Baker


Dress: Ted Baker / Purse: Ted Baker / Bracelet: Kate Spade

Ted Baker is a fabulous fashion brand which offers a unique vintage glam vibe with a hint of modern flare. Classy and beautiful dresses which make you feel like a movie star with fabulous accessories to match, I am so excited I have finally been able to add a little Ted Baker to my wardrobe! I went to Nordstrom to attend the anniversary sale, and upon realizing everything in my size was sold out, I decided to just browse around and still enjoy my time in one of my favorite stores. I was “casually” looking through a sale rack which had dresses from Kate Spade and Ted Baker, ok fine I was feverishly ripping through the clothes hoping to find a good deal, when I stumbled across this dress. I pulled out this  beautiful black Ted Baker with a gorgeous vintage floral detail delicately painted across the bottom and gasped in excitement when I saw it was my size! Of course, I never in a million years actually thought my parents would agree to let me buy it, but after trying it on and realizing how adorable and bubbly I looked in it my mom and dad agreed to let me get it! The excitement over took me as we purchased the dress and continued on with our lovely evening.


With a classic fit and flare style, this beautiful Ted Baker dress is the perfect addition to my wardrobe. It has a lovely balance of both modern and classic elements, making it a piece which will be in style for years to come. The gorgeous glamorous vibe it gives off makes me feel like a vintage movie star with each step I take in it. The lovely details of floral and butterflies on the bottom offer a fabulous spin on the classic little black dress, making it more unique and fabulous! This dress can be styled perfectly with a simple pair of heels and a dazzling Ted Baker clutch, such as this shimmering one I just received! This dress fits perfectly and I can’t wait to wear it everywhere, and trust me I will be wearing it everywhere!


This fabulous little dress is fortunately is my second Ted Baker Purchase recently. The other being this gorgeous cross body which also turns into a clutch, which I mentioned before. In the true beauty of Ted Baker, both the dress and purse pair so well together it is almost as if me finding them was meant to be so I could unite them to become the perfect outfit. The purse has a beautiful silver shimmering fabric and a modern geometric bow displayed perfectly on the front. Upon opening this beauty you will find a lovely vintage fabric with adorable bunnies displayed on it, giving it that special Ted Baker touch of modern romance. I prefer to wear this beauty as a cross body, but its ability to take off the gold chain and  turn it into a clutch for a fancier occasion makes me fall in love with it even more! This purse is divine and I am so happy I found it on sale for nearly half the price! A truly fabulous piece which is the perfect addition to my collection.


The quality and beauty of both products is simply divine, leaving me longing to add more products from Ted Baker to my wardrobe, hopefully another amazing sale presents itself in the nearby future? Both of these chic items have a timeless and classic vibe to them making them well worth the price, even if they weren’t on sale. I am extremely fortunate my parents treated me, not once, but twice to some new additions to my closet. The next time I have a big event, or bored on a Saturday and want to feel like a glamorous movie star, I now have an amazing little dress and dazzling purse to pop on and help feed my crazy fashion desires.sign-off-for-blog-post

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