Benefits Of Morning Yoga

   Each morning after I wake up and do my skincare routine, I enjoy practicing a little yoga. I have added yoga into my morning routine in the recent months and have found it has benefited my life in many incredible ways! I spend about 20 minutes practicing simple poses and creating easy flows for whatever mood I am in that morning. Some days I do full body stretches while others I focus on my legs, every routine is different because every day is different, but what remains the same is the fact I always try to practice some form of yoga, and I encourage you too. As I mentioned before, these simple 20 minutes each morning have benefited my life for the better and I am going to share with you the wonderful things only a few minutes of mindfulness at the start of the day has done for me.


Clear Your Mind Of Yesterday

   Most mornings we wake up with yesterday still stuck in our heads, whether it’s stress from work, the t.v. show we watched the night before, or a phone call from the day before, we tend to bring yesterdays unnecessary stress into the next day. I find when you have a few mindful moments in the morning practicing yoga, it’s easy to draw those thoughts away and focus on the new day. Having your body focus on deep breathing and flowing from pose to pose, rather than having your mind set on what drama your friends were talking about yesterday, can help prepare and clear your mind for a new fresh start. It helps you start each day with a newer and more positive outlook and helps you get rid of yesterdays stress.


Gives You Energy

   We are a nation of people who drink coffee like there’s no tomorrow because we neeeeed energy. I skip the caffeine and turn to yoga when I need a morning pick me up. With each deep breath I take flowing from pose to pose, I feel my body awakening and gaining energy to take on the day. The poses help stretch my muscles after a long night of sleep and prepares them for the tasks I have ahead of me. I use to think I could never be a morning person but once I added yoga in my routine, it all changed. Yoga gives my body the boost it needs with no coffee added, I feel awake and ready for whatever life has for me after each short session.




Set A Positive Mood For The Day

  I take the few minutes of my morning yoga and I use this time, not only to clear my mind, but to set up my intentions for that day. I set a few small goals and I tell myself it’s going to be a wonderful new day. By telling myself these things at the start of my day when I am at my most calm, it’s easier for me to stick with those goals. I notice when my mind is cluttered and I don’t have time to give myself goals and if I do they tend to get lost in a mess of thoughts. Taking a moment during yoga to set up my intentions and mindset for the day has helped me become more productive and positive. Setting goals for today with your mind cleared of yesterday, it makes them appear to be easier and more enjoyable to accomplish.


   These are a few benefits I have noticed in my life since I started practicing yoga in the morning. They may appear small but they make the world of difference, helping give each day a new and wonderful start. I encourage you to find a few minutes in the morning to sit down and practice yoga, it doesn’t have to be long 5-10 minutes would do, but give yourself the benefit and joy of starting each day with a clear mind and give your body the energy and relief it needs. Are you going to add yoga to your morning routine? If you already have, how has it benefited you? I adore hearing your stories in the comments below!


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