The Go To Shoe For Back To School

img_1605The back to school season is already here, which means back to school shopping has arrived too!! One of the best parts of a new school year is getting a few new pieces for your wardrobe to make sure you are ready to kick those long school days in the butt with a stylish outfit. One of the most important pieces you should have is a stylish pair of shoes which also offer comfort for those long days of walking from class to class. I have found Keds to be the perfect shoe for heading back to school. These classic little sneakers look adorable with any outfit plus they are so comfy you can walk in them for hours and not feel any pain! What more could you want from a shoe?


img_1591Keds are offered in a wide variety of colors, designs, and style, making them perfect for anyone whatever your style may be. You can buy a comfy pair of cute high tops or you go for a pair of dazzling pink Kate Spade shoes! The styles and designs are endless, plus Keds has collaborated with many lovely companies and people, such as Kate Spade, Rifle Paper Co., Taylor Swift, and Minnie Mouse, to offer even more fun designs! Not only do they have an abundance of cute styles but the shoes are also true to size, making it easy to purchase them online and trust they will fit when they arrive. My favorite style is the ‘Champion Original’ style, which is a classic lace up sneaker, I find it goes with basically every outfit, it’s comfy plus it looks adorable!


These wonderful little shoes offer, not only an endless amount of fun styles, but also wonderful comfort and support. Whenever I have a long day ahead, such as school, I always grab a pair of Keds to ensure comfort for my feet. These little shoes have yet to leave me wishing I had chose something different to wear because they cushion your feet perfectly, making each step feel as though you are stepping on a cloud. No blisters or pinched toes, only style and comfort, making Keds perfect for days when you will be running around campus looking for your next class or are simply skipping off to lunch.


This classic pair of sneakers is too cute and comfortable to pass up for your back to school shoes. They have such a simple versatile style which makes them pair well with almost any outfit.  Plus the quality of this shoe is incredible. Keds are made with wonderful care, making them last quite a long time, even if you wear them every chance you get like I do. I own many pairs of Keds and they are all still in fabulous condition, making them well worth your money. These shoes will be able to last you all school year and still look just as amazing at the end of the year as they did at the beginning, and may even be in good enough condition for next year!


I believe if you are in search of the perfect shoe for school, one which gives comfort support while still managing to be adorable and stylish, then you should grab a pair of Keds. From endless amount of designs and colors, it is impossible to not find a pair perfect for your style. The quality of the shoe is amazing, making them strong enough to handle the wear and tear of the everyday student while still managing to look new. They give amazing comfort which is wonderful on days you are lugging around a backpack filled with huge books and have to walk endless miles from each class. In all the years I have worn Keds, I have yet to wear a pair which has let me down. Each time I slip my foot in one of these little sneakers I feel as if I am putting on my comfy superhero suit and am ready to concur the day!sign-off-for-blog-post

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