September Goals

img_1578I can’t believe September is already here! The busiest Summer of my life has officially ended and the fresh new start of Fall has arrived! This Summer I have worked hard on my blog, managed to pass my road test and get my license (watch out everyone), my family adopted the cutest little puppy, and I was accepted to college  and start my first semester today! I am so excited to jump into this next season and get started with school! I have been home schooled for the past 9 years, making going to class with other people and actually having homework exciting (the excitement of the homework will probably change after a week or so).  So many amazing and new changes have been happening these past few months and I am excited to see what the rest of the year has in store, but for now I am going to focus on this lovely month of September and set a few goals for myself.


Stay Organized

This month I want to stay organized with my schedule, the tidying of my room, and, most importantly, with school. I am quite good at keeping myself in order but I do tend to have my moments where the organization starts to come undone. My schedule is currently working well for me and I would like to keep it flowing steadily through the semester. I also just finished a huge deep clean/ clear out on my bedroom and closet, leaving it the most organized and tidy it’s ever been! I hope to keep it this way and not let it get too messy (like what usually happens after school starts). And finally, keeping my school organized is incredibly important to me, especially since it’s my first semester of college. I want to start out my college career with organization and grace, I am going to do whatever I can to keep my focus and try my best!


Unplug More

Lately I have been getting into the habit of unplugging myself from electronics (mainly my phone) and have found myself being way more productive and focused. I tend to waste a lot of time scrolling through instagram or twitter and find myself not completing the tasks or goals I have set up for the day because of this. As  of lately, I have been being more mindful with my time and putting my phone down to focus on more important things in life. I honestly feel so much better when I turn off the electrons and am present in life and I plan on continuing this in the month to come, especially since I will be needing to focus on school!


Write Often

I write quite often but over the past couple of months I have slowed down sadly. With such a busy schedule this Summer, time has been getting the best of me and I simply haven’t had much to spend on writing. In this coming month I plan on writing more often because it is something which brings me joy and helps calm me down. I am starting to make a habit of bringing a journal and pencil with me places, so if I have a spare moment or a new blog idea, I have a place to write it down. Hopefully I stick to my goal of unplugging more often to also give me a little extra time to write!


Try A New Tea

I am a tea addict and always will be, I adore all kinds of tea from peppermint, to green, I even have an Egyptian licorice which is simply divine! In September I want to add a new tea to my collection, to give my life a bit more flavor of course! I love the Yogi tea brand because they offer so many different flavors and benefits, from detox teas to ones which help digestive support, and I believe I want to try their Cinnamon Vanilla Healthy Skin tea next! I feel this tea will be perfect for the Fall with its lovely flavors of cinnamon and vanilla plus it has the added bonus of helping keep my skin healthy during the change of seasons. I hope to pick this up from the store quite soon and let you know how it taste!


September is going to be quite an interesting month with college starting but I am excited for the new experience! I hope I can manage to accomplish my little goals I have set up for myself with grace and elegance! What about you darlings, what is happening in September you are excited about? Are you starting a new school or planning on unplugging more? Or are you hoping to get on a new routine for the Fall?  Leave a comment below about what you have coming up in this lovely month of September!sign-off-for-blog-post


2 thoughts on “September Goals

  1. You are a very organized young lady and I have no doubt that you will stay organized as the school year unfolds. Good Luck on your goals for the month!!! 🙂

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