3 Fall Approved Lip Products

DSC_0110DSC_0111Michigan has hit us with some pretty chilly temperatures these past few days, making it seem as if Fall has arrived. Even though I am incredibly excited for Fall, I am going to miss those beautiful warm Summer days filled with natural and glowing makeup looks. As I am pulling out my cozy tops to help transition my wardrobe and  keep me a little warmer, I am also starting to get my makeup collection ready for the change of the seasons. My Summer beauty looks had more of a natural vibe to them, less eye liner and lipstick and more highlighters and bronzed blushes. In this next season, I am going to bring back my favorite classic cat eye and mix it up with a few more lip colors to give my makeup a new and fresh look. I am first starting out with transitioning my lip colors over and finding ones with more cooler and Fall like hues to them and I believe I already own three which will be perfect.


Dior Lacquer Stick in “Underground”

 The Dior lacquer stick is a fabulous lipstick which gives incredible color, intense hydration, and has a lovely shiny finish. The shade “Underground” is a dark pink nude, which is perfect for this transition time between Summer and Fall, wanting your lips a little darker but also have a hint of a nude to them. This color looks fantastic against my lighter skin tone, not making my lips look as if I took a crayon to them, but instead complements my skin and gives me a fabulous and fresh look perfect for early Fall. Dior’s lacquer stick is one of the most comfortable and light lipstick I have tried. The color is highly pigmented and last hours, making this product, and my other Dior lipstick, some of my favorite products currently. I can’t seem to go a day without putting on my Dior lacquer stick, the comfort and color it offers is too wonderful and the confidence it gives is magical!


NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in “Dragon Girl”

The Fall season is no better time to bust my beloved “Taylor Swift” lip pencil out especially since she just dropped a new single and announced her new album, “Reputation” (YAY!!! I AM SO EXCITED)! NARS’ velvet matte lip pencil in “Dragon Girl” has been one of my absolute favorite makeup products since I received it last Christmas. It has a striking shade of red which is the perfect hue for a statement lip and a lovely matte finish, perfect for days you want to look a little more classic but also noticeable. Not only does this lip color have a fantastic matte finish, which is perfect for Fall, it also manages to help me channel two of my favorite style icons, Taylor Swift and Audrey Hepburn. I can wear this color on days I want to feel a little more classic, like Audrey, with a black sweater and ballet flats and also on days I want to channel my inner Taylor Swift with crop tops and high waisted shorts. Its texture is creamy and smooth, rather than dry like a few other matte lipsticks I have tried in the past. It applies smoothly and has an intense warm shade of red which is the perfect hue for a chilly Fall day.


Sephora Collection Cream Lip Stain in “05 Infinite Rose”

The first ever lip product I have ever tried was Sephora’s cream lip stain in the shade “05 Infinite Rose”. I didn’t realize this product was going to stick with me for so long, especially since I didn’t care for it the first time I tried it on. But luckily, I gave this lip product another chance and I fell madly in love with it, so much so it is now a permanent staple in my makeup bag.  Its color is the perfect shade to add a  lovely pinky nude hue to your lips and offers a delicate comfort and hydration, which is important in the cooler months to avoid chapped lips. It’s color isn’t too intense but it’s noticeable enough to elevate your makeup look and enhances how fabulous you already look. This lip stain actually is the longest lasting lip color out of every product I have tried. While the Dior and  Rimmel lipsticks last for many hours, leaving me incredibly impressed, this product blows them all away. It’s gorgeous color, which offers a hint of shimmer, applies lovely with one swipe and will last literally all day and looks exactly the same as it did when you applied. With a color which is warm and welcoming for the Fall and a long lasting hydrating formula, this lip stain is perfect for taking you from Summer sunny days to cozy Fall nights.

Adding these simple little tweaks to your lips can help you transition gracefully into the new season. My favorite lip colors for the Fall are ones which offer a striking bold color to help you match the lovely Fall colors or ones which give a subtle dark nude, dark enough for cold day but still warm and natural for a simple and classic look. Finding lipsticks which are hydrating is also important in the cooler months, I want to keep my lips healthy and smooth, rather than dry and chapped. Lip balms are great, but finding a lipstick which offers a fabulous moisturizing formula is even better, I always keep this in mind when looking for Fall lip colors. Which lip products will you be using this Fall?sign-off-for-blog-post

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