Running Late Makeup

img_1560img_1562We all have those days where we hit the snooze button one too many times, took a little longer in the shower because we had to sing one more song, or took too long making the perfect cup of coffee, whatever it may be we have all had a day where we were running late. On these days, doing your makeup seems almost impossible, how are you suppose to apply all these products and still make it on time without having your face look like a child drew on it? Well what if I told you I had the perfect makeup products and routine when you are running late? To be completely honest, you only really need to use these four makeup products to have a “complete” look, yes only four. All the other products we use are basically just to give you a bit more oomf, but these four items are the real MVP of makeup and can stand on their own, helping you get out the door and still managing to look amazing.



No matter what I never skip foundation, it evens out your skin tone and texture and leaves you with a nice clean surface to work with. My go-to foundation is the Maybelline ‘Fit Me! Matte and Poreless’ powder because it gives the perfect amount of coverage, not too much where it’s caked on but enough to cover whatever flaws I may have. The matte finish is absolutely magnificent, giving my skin a smooth and lovely texture which is perfect to add any product on top of. This foundation is easy and quick to apply, making it perfect for days when time is limited, I simply swipe it across my face, blend it in and I am done in no time!



The new product I always add is a hint of blush to my cheeks, giving me a kiss of color. Blush is an important staple in any makeup look, offering a touch of color to your face, it gives your skin a more lively and lovely glow. The ‘Papa Don’t Peach’ blush by Too Faced is my favorite currently and helps elevate my look quickly. A quick swipe on my cheeks and this lovely pigmented blush gives me a fabulous glow, making it seem as if I had put a lot of time and effort into my look in no time. With the scent of peaches lingering, my face already looks almost complete.



When the clock is ticking away I skip eyeliner and head straight for my Too Faced ‘Better Than Sex’ mascara. This mascara only needs one coat and can be applied quickly while still leaving your lash long and voluminous. Plus it never clumps up on my lashes of smears, causing me to use more time cleaning up my look, instead it applies beautifully, leaving me with thick full lashes and helping my eyes appear bigger and brighter! I never skip mascara even on my busiest of day, because it is a simple product which elevates my look in a matter of seconds. The ‘Better Than Sex’ mascara is for sure my go-to, it’s easy to apply and makes your lashes full and beautiful in a flash!


Lip Gloss

To quickly finish off my makeup, I simply glide on the Dior Addict ‘Lip Maximizer‘ in the shade ‘001 Pink’ and hurry out the door. Lip sticks can take too long to apply, making sure you swipe it on good enough and don’t get it on your teeth. I have found a lovely nude or pink lip gloss is easier and faster too apply, making the ‘Lip Maximizer’ perfect for days when you are in a hurry. With a lovely pink sheer shimmer and lip plumping formula, this product helps tie together a quick and easy makeup look in seconds, leaving you looking absolutely beautiful in no time at all.


The next time you are running late or your family is impatiently waiting for you to get ready, don’t skip your makeup, instead try this quick and easy makeup routine! You will have a beautiful look in just a matter of minutes! On the days when you just can’t seem to get enough time, you now will be able to save a few extra minutes in the bathroom to help yourself out. Will you try this quick and easy routine the next time you are running late?sign-off-for-blog-post

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