Top 3 Products For Silky Smooth Hair



There is no greater feeling in the world than running your fingers through your hair and enjoying its beautiful silky smoothness. Achieving this delightful hair use to seem impossible to me but after months of struggling with lifeless dry hair and trying endless amounts of different shampoos, conditions, and other products hoping to find the perfect ones to bring my hair to life, I finally did. Along with enjoying a healthy diet full of nutrients to help my hair, my hair dress recommended these three products which have helped me get my silky beautiful hair.

The first product is the Amika ‘Triple RX’ shampoo, which I must say is one of the greatest shampoos I have ever cleaned my hair with. This shampoo helps repair damaged hair and gives life and happiness to it by making it soft, moisturized and shiny. It manages to do all these magical things with natural ingredients such as avocado oil and hydrolyzed keratin, instead of artificial products and parabens. I use this shampoo between once and twice a week, depending on how my hair feels, using a small pea sized amount and work it into my hair. A pea sized amount may seem quite small but trust me, with this shampoo, a little goes a long way because it suds up insanely! The few times I used this product I was shocked at how such a little amount could make my hair incredibly shiny and clean. After a few washes I noticed a huge difference in my hair, it was silkier, shinier, and softer than ever before. I wasn’t looking at my hair with disappointment seeing how flat, broken, and dry it was, instead I was happy and confident with how lovely, strong, and healthy my hair looked! This shampoo has managed to give me Disney princess worthy hair in a matter of a few washes! Now that is truly magical!

I may only shampoo about twice a week but I use conditioner every single day to give my hair the hydration it needs, and the Amika ‘Hydrate’ conditioner is my go-to. I noticed most conditioners would make my hair feel heavy and gross, weighting it down and making it look dirty and greasy while others left it dry and dead, not doing its job properly. But once I tried this lovely conditioner I no longer had nasty hair but instead I have beautiful silky and hydrated locks which flow beautifully each time the wind blows. Filled with natural ingredients like the shampoo, the Amika ‘Hydrate’ conditioner gives your hair the perfect amount of moisture and leaves it soft and voluminous. I apply a small amount to the ends of my hair in the shower and work it through while gently detangling the strands. I leave it in while I wash the rest of me and rinse it out at the end of my shower, leaving me with the most incredibly smooth hair. I noticed a huge differences in my hair after only a few washes, just like the shampoo, my hair is now strong and full of life and hydration rather than the dry and sad mess I use to cry about. The Amika products have really prove themselves to be the best for achieving gorgeous, strong, soft, silky hair plus they smell like absolute heaven!

DSC_0047DSC_0054Once I have washed and blown my hair dry, my final product I add to maintain my silky soft hair is the Moroccanoil ‘Moroccanoil Treatment Original’ which leaves it silky and delightful. This oil treatment helps smooth out and tame my slightly poofy hair after I have blown it dry and gets those stubborn stray hairs  back into place. I apply a single pump on my finger tips and work from the back of my hair outwards and smooth it down to the ends, leaving me with gorgeous silky hair. After this I brush my hair out with my head upside down, working the oil through my entire head, and then style it however I please for that day (most day I simply brush my hair out and go on my way). This product has nourished my hair magnificently and added to the fabulous work my Amika products have done. I honestly can’t go a day without using the Moroccanoil because I adore the beauty and silkiness it bring my hair.DSC_0086DSC_0090DSC_0107These three products have managed to help transform my hair into its most gorgeous and healthy self. I never could imagine I would actually have such wonderful hair which I actually am proud of and love so much, but I finally do. Simply investing a little more in your hair products can help you achieve more luscious and strong hair, don’t skimp out when it comes to hair care because you will get what you pay for. Using more natural products, such as the Amika and Moroccanoil brands, can help you have stronger and silkier hair in no time!sign-off-for-blog-post

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