The Perfect Robe For Chilly Days


When the chilly dreary days never seem to end, and my body is tired from being cold all day, I grab this delightful pink robe from Victoria’s Secret and melt into its warmth and coziness. The bitter Fall and Winter days Michigan curses us with each year have nothing on this fabulous piece of heaven which can be simply wrapped around my body and give me a sense of security and comfort unlike anything else. It’s soft fabric leaves you feeling as if a warm cloud is gently hugging your body and protects you from every bit of coldness trying to attack. The amount of joy and happiness you feel when you slip on this robe is sensational, making it impossible to take off! This is by far one of the greatest gifts I have ever received and I believe it is the perfect robe for anyone who wants to curl up and snuggle all day long!

This fabulous Victoria’s Secret robe comes in two length, long and short, making it the best plushy robe for anyone! Long for those who want to be wrapped from head to toe in a fluffy hug and short for those who want to be able to walk around but still have a snuggley robe hugging them to keep warm while they work. I prefer a nice long robe, I enjoy feeling like I am wrapped up in a blanket but still have the ability to move my arms if I wanted to try to be productive or if I want to enjoy a cup of cocoa while snuggling and not having to readjust my blanket around my arms. The length of the robe is just right,  I am about 5’5″ and the it hits right around my calves, making it long enough to cover my entire body but also not have me tripping over it.

DSC_0010My favorite feature about this robe is, not only is it the coziest and softest piece of heaven my hands have ever touched, but to make it even better Victoria’s Secret added a hood! Yes, you heard that right, a hooded robe to make it easier to hide away from the responsibilities of life and take a nap in your cuddly robe! I’m not going to lie, the hood makes the robe even more of a dangerous purchase, I mean how am I suppose to leave on a cold morning to go to class when I have my robe literally wrapped from my head to toes keeping me safe and warm? It’s a difficult decision but at some point the hood has to come down and the cold winds of life hit your face. But, the hopeful light at the end of the tunnel is the robe will be waiting for you, making it easy to come home at the end of the day, throw it on, whip up the hood, and tune out the world until the next day. A simple little feature has made this robe even more enjoyable and snuggly, leaving me floating on cloud 9 each time I cozy up in it.

Another added bonus is you can get snuggled up in either a pink, grey, red, or black robe because it is offered in so many different colors, giving you a few options to which color fits your style best. Of course, I have the lovely pink colored robe because it makes me feel like a princess each time I wear my cozy robe. A simple shade of a light blush pink adds even more  beauty and delicacy to an already soft piece, making it my favorite shade it comes in. I also find the ruby wine and red shades extremely beautiful, especially the red which is the perfect shade for the holidays (if you are already thinking that far ahead). Pick a color and length and enjoy your lazy day watching friends in stylish comfort!

This robe comes in different lengths and colors, has a hood, but the most important part of any robe is how soft it is, and trust me when I say, it feels like a big warm plushy cloud. Wrapping this fabulous robe around you is the most satisfying feeling in the entire world, with its soft as snow like material, comfort is a guaranteed. Whether you throw the hood up over your head and feel the soft coziness along your cheeks or simply just have the robe wrapped around your shoulders, it will keep you safe and warm from even the coolest of days. This robe makes you feel like you are floating in heaven each time you snuggle up in it, making it my go-to for a rainy day of watching Friends with my puppy.

A warm and inviting robe is one of the best things you can add to your wardrobe. Something you can relax in and still look simply adorable wearing is a magical thing everyone should own. If you are in search of a robe which is warm and inviting then I believe this Victoria’s Secret one is for you. With all the colors and lengths it’s offered in, it’s impossible not to fall in love with one of these lovely plushy robes made from heaven. The next time you stop in your local Victoria’s Secret, check out these fabulous robes and treat yourself to something even better than a new fancy bra.


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